The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

As Pat and Ian pointed out in last night’s CUpodcast, they are selling these purely as collectibles. Any expectation of getting a game license out of them is an extra, because they have not committed to a date, nor have they guaranteed that the games depicted on the packaging are even finished.

This seems like yet another intellivision “first,” but not in a good way.

43m18s mark

Aw, they just removed the stock counter on the items being sold in Intellivision’s Shopify store. Prior to this change it was obvious they were selling zero to single digits per day after the initial Day 1 rush.

LOL. Though I’m surprised they didn’t just change it to a lower fake number.

They did worse than that. Now it’s fraudulently claiming “almost sold out” when yesterday it was tracked using the quantity remaining on the Shopify carts that they had 30000 and 8000 left for NA and Europe. They are a bunch of immoral fucking liars:


Shady used car lots do these constant “going out of business” sales and “final clearance” with fake scarcity but isn’t this illegal or against some regulations when one is raising crowdfunding funds and misrepresenting the company?

Tallarico is answering this in his AtariAge ego thread. Paraphrased: “maybe they’re for retailers! Maybe we have something special planned! Never thought of that, did you? Also note that it said ALLOTMENTS. You suck! Please buy my products.”

The remaining fans in the thread are sharing their order numbers, and of course Tallarico has #1. I’m amazed there’s anyone left who will put up with him.

There are some longtime AtariAge posters in there who are expressing disgust with his “home shopping channel tactics” but Tommy’s most loyal defenders (Swami etc) are telling them to…“leave the forum.”


The “Amico tribute album” is out, skip using the bookmarks to hear these pieces of trash:

The main Tallarico ego-boosting thread started out as a “Q&A thread,” with Tommy encouraging people to ask him questions. He would reply to each one separately, inflating his karma and post count and encouraging ridiculous suggestions.

A few months ago, when it became clear to all that he’ll never deliver a fraction of his “wouldn’t that be something?” teases, the thread was changed to “fun Amico conversations,” and that’s when he overtly started telling people to leave.

I’ve heard that the moderators support Tommy when people aren’t sufficiently “fun” in their postings. No hard questions, or being mean to Tommy, or he’ll send you to the cornfield!

They learned to ask the super fans to leave the Amico shirts at home! Progress!

It has a real “it was better than Cats, we are going to see it again, and again” vibe.

Expect this to happen more and more:

I love the typos. Some of the Amico shills have Russian troll farm energy to them

I know I’m not the core demographic for this console but I had never heard of Intellivision as a brand or gaming system until the recent controversies. Was the original distinct compared to Atari or were they both fairly similar? I imagine it was pretty rudimentary if its an early 80s home console.

It was pretty advanced at the time, but looks nearly as rudimentary as the Atari 2600 by the standards of our present day.

Intellivision was my first console. It was distinct, competing with the 2600 around the same time. It was the better machine, but the 2600 outsold it 10:1.

It was more advanced than the earliest Atari games, but expanded memory and better arcade licenses kept Atari in the lead.

Intellivision was made by the toy company Mattel, who also produced Barbie dolls, Masters of the Universe muscle men action figures, and Hot Wheels cars.

These comparison commercials with George Plimpton are a good way to see the era this is from. So much wood grain. There were a bunch of these, here’s just one.