The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

More fucking lies:

Didn’t they say they were already under production a while ago?

Coverage at 39min

Tommy can’t keep track of or remember all of his lies. The NFT thing turns out to be a lie due to Tommy not knowing what NFC and NFTs are.

He said hardware was “complete” in the scammer Neil Patel pitch video. He claims to have assembled “hundreds” of dev units.

A deep dive of… AstroSmash. A single screen game with a handful of levels.

Nice, but I’m waiting for them to drop an AAR of tic tac toe before making my decision to buy the system.

AAR? What’s that?

AARP discount?

After Action Report/Review. Like a play by play, frequently for some sort or strategy game. Was a joke based on a ‘deep dive’ for such a simple game being similar to a in depth strategy play by play for tic tac toe.

Oh thanks.

They WERE proud to be “featured” (paid advertorial) in AARP magazine though.

So this is the target demographic?
edit: As I’m rapidly approaching that demographic myself, I suppose I should get out my checkbook.

This is it. The lame sidebar advertorial.

High score table = “That’s pretty neat.”


You pasted a big smiley over the context: “divorce in your 50s”

Astrosmash only has 10 levels?

Yeah, that’s exactly the vibes there were when the Head of their Europe operations demo’ed in in the video that was linked here a few months ago. Even the most mundane feature is always communicated in a “dude, you’re not gonna believe this” notion. Like, if you pick up this extra, your vehice will shoot a double laser!

You need to get into the Amico lingo, rei. This game doesn’t simply one or two levels! They’ve built … ten!

That have to be ‘earned’ in the ‘campaign’ if I’m understanding it correctly.

I wonder if they’re really “levels,” or just backgrounds.

The old Astrosmash changed the background color after a certain number of points. I used to play that game for a long time, racking up multiple extra ships faster than I would lose them to cheesy unkillable enemies.

It was nice if you were a kid who just wanted to play for a long time, but as a game design, it was boring and I’d often turn it off before the game was over.

My confidence in Tallarico as “chief creative officer” is low.

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