The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss


This one? That’s 2-3 people with questions now. Maybe some are waking up?

Tommy: crickets

And wouldn’t you know it, the guy who runs and Intellivision’s head of Euro operations used to work at the same publishing house.

Hans complains a lot about “what journalism should be” against any objective or negative reviews of the Amico shitbox and yet games journalism has never been known as some bastion of integrity, especially when he was working in it. So much for integrity with him fronting a scam right now.

Dear God the memes in the ResetEra thread are the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m beginning to think Amico fandom needs it’s own DSM classification.

What thread?


What the fuck?

That’s the dumbest Amico-adjacent thing I’ve seen, and I’ve followed the AtariAge thread, OEB Pete, Retro Bro, and Cyrus Martin.

Amico is a bottomless pit of unbelievably stupid stuff.

The cringe poem comes from this AtariAge superfan who looks way older than 55:


Just realized why he does those 20 minute deep dives on a 2 minute game. He needs to convince people it’s real because he knows this thing isn’t shipping for a very long time. Is it possible they don’t even have final silicon for the box? Or did they show that already?

They have not shown the innards and have furtively avoided showing it. I believe they were using an existing low-end smartphone or Android box inside the shell at the events.

36minute mark at episode #298

This is the closest thing we’ve seen to a peek at the hardware, and they deliberately fuzzed it up so internet sleuths wouldn’t be able to see the components clearly.

There’s also the matter of “legal incoming, enjoy” when Are Technica posted the “leaked” specs from their poorly secured developer portal. I don’t understand why such a thing would be kept secret anyway.

Tubby lardass DJC is claiming my list of Tommy-cult-members to avoid is “like Hitler(?)” conveniently omitting the fact that Tommy maintains a “Haters” folder on his desktop. I won’t link the video to give him any views.

“Tommy is obviously far too busy sourcing parts for the imminent launch to bother with some random user content on Twitter. Surely he would only look at reports written by the most important influencers and media figures. He’s the CEO for gosh sake. It would be ludicrous for him to be active on forums or making appearances on tiny Youtube channels with no reach. That’s not what the CEO does.”

“That is a very good point. The mere idea of a professional CEO who hasn’t even launched his product yet after several delays wasting his time like that is just preposterous.”

Hence…Tommy Tallarico is a fake LARP-cosplaying as a CEO of a tech company.

I LOL’d at the Underdog reference. Sadly, it’s also not far from the truth.

I am surprised that a company that steals assets outright from WarThunder and World of Tanks can’t reach market faster than companies that have to pay licensing fees.

the Amico proudly looks like a Fisher-Price footbath for aliens


They lost me with that one. Are they talking about games on “Home Of The Underdogs”?
Because if so, that would get my interest, even though I already have other ways of playing those games. But still, for the average retiree, stick a keyboard and mouse on there, load it with a bunch of games from HOTU, and it might do something interesting!

EDIT: Oh wait. Duh.


My favorite cartoon as a very young kid, even.

I didn’t get it myself and thought it was some Internet meme culture joke I wasn’t aware of.