The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I assumed that was the point. That the same tiny and very old market that would just love some new Underdog crap is the same market for the Amico.

Side note. How the hell is auto fill getting fucking worse over the years? Is it a conspiracy to make people doubt themselves and their sanity??? It constantly replaces real fucking words that make sense as they are typed with words that make you sound like a drunk 14 year old. Wtf, Apple?


Literal circlejerk.

Jesus! I feel dirty after reading that level of pandering bullshit. Homemade porn shot in an aisle at Wal-mart has more dignity.


Didn’t refute or address their theft of other company’s art assets. Digging themselves bigger hole. Didn’t deny that they were a money-laundering scheme.

This is exactly what Nikola Motors and Trevor Milton did before they confessed to scamming.

Can any game industry insiders tell me if stealing art is a common practice when developing games?

Hmmm, I guess it might depend. Is your studio based in China?

Placeholder art is rarely ripped assets from other games and websites. It’s often a combination of concept art, stripped down basic models, and for splash screens… a blank colored background.

I guess the lying comes easy now.

They repeated it enough times and their (admittedly dumbass) base believes it without question.

Holy shit, I’ve been on Ars since June 2000?


More thoughtful analysis than Tommy has ever done

(Really good article) Covers every aspect except for the biggest flaw being Tommy Tallarico and the weird parasocial personality cult of reality-deniers.

There are well connected industry rumours that Blizzard was their second choice for Microsoft to acquire and they were originally in negotiations with Tommy Tallarico for Intellivision.

People are saying…

LOLOL. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he tricked some other company to buy them out.

What? You don’t want Intellivision’s stable of valuable game properties like Biplanes, Log and Running: The Sequel to Jogging?

# Completely Unnecessary Podcast

Pat and Ian at 27min mark

I’m sure Intellivision CFO Nick Richards would love an “exit” via acquisition. Too bad they drove the brand’s reputation into the ground over the last 3 years.

Some developers have been quite blatant about it. ;-)


Limbo of the Lost - Wikipedia.

It might happen, but generally not from anyone you’d respect or want to buy from.

Yea, you can do it, then lose your business because of it. LOL