The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

I am not behind this but some Wikipedia editors are beginning to check into and verify the noteworthiness of the records Tommy awards himself:


But… it’s your destiny!




What’s that from?

Where only “investors” can comment for Tommy to ignore

Does Terry definitely have money on Amico, or can anyone opine in there?

I’ve noticed that Tommy only answers questions that are fawning praise. Anything of substance either gets ignored, or saved for CFO Nick to clean up with the big words.

You can tell he’s an “active investor” (whatever that means?) if you login with a free Republic account and see how much others have pissed away. But it doesn’t indicate that he’s invested in Amico or if he just has a free Republic account.

Guy who’s getting his commercial rent paid has responded:


How it looks for oher people who have pissed away ($5k in this example) money on this and various other projects:

Staff departure:


Design and Development leaving? The games are finished!!!

I think that position is a friend or acquaintance of a QT3er here who mentioned earlier up-thread. Can’t recall who it was and too lazy to scroll back though.

(Tommy has always been an immature forum troll since 20 years ago)

I guess my questions there are (1) what is Nazi Communism? and (2) did anyone ever explain the difference between “your” and “you’re” to Tommy in the ensuing couple of decades, because that’s kind of something a CEO should know.

(Or is it just “super human spelling machines” who understand that?)

I think it’s related to “Gaming Racists” or those who point out flaws of his vanity project

When I see Tallarico, I think, “stay in school, kids.”

This looks to be a good sampling of Tommy Claim Chowder from a year and a half ago. Most importantly, it’s SHORT

I knew he was full of hot air, but holy shit. Love how it takes him 5 minutes of exposition to get around to not really answering the question properly.

His mouth moves too fast for his brain.

This is pure art