The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Looks like Intellivision got a lot of grant money from Germany under some false circumstances like claiming it had a patented difficulty-adjusting game engine when they still don’t have anything patented in 2022:


Tommy then admits on-air, in public in various interviews that it’s only a marketing idea:

German taxpayers should be demanding to see receipts or their money back.

Obviously it’s one of those little-known, Intellivision-specific usages of the words “patented” and “trademarked,” along with “exclusive,” “NFT,” and “on the launch pad, ready to take off.”

The financial terms of their Fig/Republic deal are eye-opening

Imagine how much coke they had to go through in order to come up with and eventually present those numbers with a straight face, though.

I don’t know how in what world they could believe that they could “easily” land 3M unit sales or 2% market share out of “potential 3 billion gamers” by having a garbage console with garbage games.

Well the well reasoned Jenovi link has been censored from the subreddit

Presidential elections?

This video was censored from /r/amico since they only permit positive coverage as “fair” and “balanced”

I was actually referring to how anyone could think a piece of crap could get 2% market share!

I think it’s a familiar refrain on Dragon’s Den/Shark Tank when clueless knobs pitch their “if we only could just get 1-2% of the POTENTIAL MARKET OF X KAJILLION” …as if that small percentage were trivial to capture.

The nutso thing is they forecasted to sell that many million over a “system lifetime” of …10 years. Who would want to play their primitive minigames with tech from 2006 in 2030?

Maybe in the year 2030, a wastelander will buy one from a scavenger for 250 caps.

I swear they took the real projection of 9,000 units sold and just added 3 zeros to come up with 9,000,000.

That is a more complex explanation than probably the truth.

From that video:

Intellevison was still around? With the same group of people from the beginning? Huh? This makes no sense. Why would a company exist for 40 years with no sort of output. Wasn’t Intellevision just a branch of Mattel anyway? I guess he technically says he ran into them ‘when got in the industry’ is when he found out it still existed and this could have been 30 years ago itself. But that means he befriended them, waited a few decades til the President died and only then did he jump in with this insane idea. Talk about a long con.

It’s not the same group. Tommy became friends with Keith Robinson and helped himself to the remains of the company after he died. During the funeral actually.

Despite Lying Tommy to take credit for Mattel’s innovations, this group of grifters has hired junior people and people out of school to crank everything out at lowest cost while Tommy pockets the government grant proceeds.

He’s a vulture with the IP rights and the company name not the same company. People who knew Keith say he was working around releasing a plug n play type device not the full console foolish crusade Tommy wanted to cosplay a CEO of.

Checks out.

That’s the guy who owns the commercial building the crowdfunded money is paying for to keep open for Tommy to roleplay as CEO during a worldwide pandemic where everyone in yhrbwod has learned to work from home. Also the CFO sooooo not sure if that’s ethical to cash those checks. Also friends with Tommy and fellow Ferrari owner and member of car club he’s also member of.

During the same day Tommy sent out the email at 11:59 PM on Friday night advising buyers of the second delay last October, he spent that day entertaining a sub500 YouTuber channel in his capacity as pretend CEO. The investors on Fig and Republic wouldn’t be notified of the delay for another week but his “circle of D-list YouTuber friends” would get advance news and be couched in providing immediately-available video responses.

This whole enterprise is a scam to fulfill Tommy’s childhood fantasy.