The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Image was not so much for the CFO as for Tommy’s creepy dolls.

Let a five foot nothing guy have his dreams of tall Amazon mannequins.

Tommy T. said, “We have the best games in the world. The best developers in the world. We have the biggest licenses in the world.” Yet every one of those statements is a flat out lie.

They literally have the worst games and the worst developers since most of them are just out of school with no experience, and their “licenses” are a joke. How can he get away with making such blatantly false claims?

The investors don’t know any better so that’s enough for him to get more funding. The goal is to perpetuate the grift not to deliver a good product or even deliver a product at all.

It appears they are running a “The Producers” kind of thing.

His lead developer’s last notable game shipped was Planescape Torment over twenty years ago. They have washed up old fogies and students porting failed Windows Phone games (the brain quiz game), old ass mobile games and single screen proto genres of mini games from forty years ago.

Now that their tightly-controlled Facebook group has more questions, they are ramping up their cult-like behavior to try to funnel their remaining loyalists into ANOTHER, different Facebook group where they will attempt to lock down discussion even further. This is beyond pathetic:

A Facebook group that only exists to market Amico that has ‘no marketing’. Genius!

Noticed this in the liner notes to Christopher Tin’s Calling All Dawns (“Baba Yetu” being the single you may recognize from it), didn’t know where else to put it:

I’d so love to know how much Tommy is paying himself.

If I had kids, I for sure would encourage them to join a Facebook group run by a creepy 60 year old superfan of obsolete videogame system.

“all the fun we will have when Amico arrives in 2022”

LOL - so it’s a fantasy sub.

“Hey kids join this Facebook group ran by a man in his 50/60s who has Photoshopped Amico bikinis on random pictures of women!”

Yeah, sure, trust your kids to this weirdo when kids under 13 are not supposed to be on Facebook at all:

He thinks he’s going to have mass market penetration in China and India? If he put the console out there for $50 he could sell a few.

It’s almost sad how delusional he is.

The joke is the Switch officially has outsold the Wii.

In no reality, world or country is the Amico viable or anything other than shit.

Not sad. He single-handedly ruined AtariAge for almost 3 years.

This console can never launch, just like Star Citizen. Once it launches, the fantasy is over.

Scuttlebutt says that they’re going to try to raise more funds a la Star Shitizen!


Normal people don’t have dreams this elaborate and fawning about their future spouse in the days leading up to the wedding. But then that assumes these are real and not just embarrassing marketing bullshit.