The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Ultima 5+ is still playable. I think this will do worse than the Ouya even. Infinium’s Phantom doesn’t count as a failed console since it was a scam.

I’m very old (I bought pong at Sears), and for me this has zero appeal. The reason being, Intellivision always struck me as hobbyist, i.e. I really felt like I could see the guy sitting in his garage coding these games. They were just unprofessional, for lack of a better descriptor. Intellivision, was much more about the promise of the future, than it was the greatness of the present.

If it was possible to short the future of this thing, I’d certainly be all in.

You could make an argument that George Plimpton threw the first grenade in the first console war.

… an unlikelier person for the role is hard to fathom.

Super Pro Football was the bomb, back in the day.

So was Plimpton, despite his super-upper-crust accent he did that sort of thing more than once.

It’s a $100 2016 android phone for guts:

I can respect wanting to earn lots of money on the hardware, since that’s what Apple does. But not if pricing it so high will make it so the product is a failure in the first place.

Their take is 50% from devs so there goes any incentive to develop for this. Plus the 10 commandments of design of games for their platform is an unfunny, unnecessarily restrictive joke.

Its audience is a mythical dozen people who want Nintendo games…but not from Nintendo?

The Allard thing is even shadier.

Yeah, I was an Intellivision kid and I might pay 20 bucks for a set-top box or an emulator and a controller just for nostalgia, but I’m not at all that stoked to play the games. Intellivision had a handful more pixels than Atari and some pretty cool multiplayer games considering the controller’s ability to do over a dozen things (Sea Battle comes to mind) but their day has long passed.

It’s also intriguing that something can be both confidential and misinformed. Company seems in good hands!

Where’s the obligatory Jeff Minter game?

Reading this thread makes me want to take my intellivision out and play some games ( Intellivision Super Pro System with Intellivoice, a circa 1990s 20" TV, and a crate of about 80 games)

You might as well. This thing smells like vaporware.

I could play too, if I unearthed my old Gamecube and bought Intellivision Lives! for $10 off ebay. 60 games for a tenner, Tallarico. Beat that.

Five ways Amico beats an Intellivision Lives! GameCube game:

  1. Games that both grandparents and kids can roll their eyes at.
  2. “Does this thing play Mario??”
  3. Screens on the controllers are appealing to all gamers.
  4. A 50% developer cut guarantees decades of dev support.
  5. Cornhole.

This will make the Ouya look like a raging success.

All this “Neo Intellivision” talk makes me scratch my head in puzzlement, until I remembered that cocaine and predatory venture capitalists are still a thing.

I’m not sure in what world bringing onboard game industry people of yore would help?

See if you can stomach this pitch: