The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

The Playdate shipped today.

someone whose charisma is loved by them!

I’m quite ready for him to be forgotten and not come back, now that all his foolishness has been documented so comprehensively

Miss you here @rei !

Another rube abandons ship.

This is interesting. They didn’t even own the furniture and supplies in their office(s). They leased them?
This seems stupid for a company that would expect to be around for more than a few years.

Hans Ippisch, European President of Amico has left the company.

Oh crap, Robert Johnson turned into a white tech executive! Never make a deal with the devil, folks.

(sorry, old bluesman joke)

Case in point:


So glad to see you back in the Amico hunt! I’d missed that article. That post is freaking brilliant LOLOLOL.

Needs more “Iä Phtagn”

It still blows my mind they had the gall to sell fake physical copies of the game for a console that will never be available. Has that ever been done in the history of gaming?


What’s this?

Looks to me like @rei has come around and purchased three Amicos! Hey everyone, Amico party at rei’s house!


Is it family friendly or will someone invite JMJ?

Guy with toughest job, even more than their Marketing VP has left:

Beetlejuice-7 comments:

This was one of the guys from the Salt Lake office tour where Tommy boasted about how much experience the logistics team has - Intellivision® Salt Lake City, UT Office Tour - YouTube

Note, the other guy in the video hasn’t removed Intellivison from his profile, but has got his profile marked as “Open to work” -

This guy literally did nothing. I mean, he held that position for nearly 2 years, was paid well, and didn’t ever have to do a single day of work. Insane.

Cue the “this is how you know it’s not a scam, because why else would you pay a guy to keep a chair warm for 21 months if you never intended to make a console, also Tommy Tallarico’s farts smell like heaven” justifications

I bet he had to arrange to Fedex the one working prototype for the unboxing video.

Welp, I guess it’s back to emulators and pirated ROMs for me.