The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Or knowing these jokers, maybe in July

The update will be, “Our quiet period will have to be extended for a little while longer. See ya next year suckers!”

Good analysis:

I don’t think he was one of the main bagmen behind the scam but I hope there’s a tell-all whistleblower soon.

They all did sketchy, peculiar things. This is old:

I wonder if this was ever fact checked?

Something something Covid something supply chain something every took our chips

And Tommy has claimed to be besties with Irem/everyone but hasn’t done shit on anything for the Amico or the last twenty years.

The Toaplan and Irem collections are a nice “get” for someone who isn’t BFF with everyone in the industry!

Now that is something I might buy.

Evercade looks interesting. I see that it’s cheap – Amazon has it for $100 and it includes three game cartridge collections. I’d like to see one in person and see how reliable it is.

Even if it’s shoddy it’s probably light years better than Amico.

Well it exists LOL.

The scam continues. A nothing update for an update stalling until the end of the year:


It has been a while since our last official update, and I thank you for your patience. I hope that this update on the state of Intellivision will answer some of your questions and explain where we are and where we are heading. When I took over as CEO of Intellivision, my goal in leadership required some tough decisions to ensure that we launch a quality product.

We pulled down our investment campaign on StartEngine a few weeks after it launched in February of this year. Without better visibility of our path to profitability we felt this was the right decision in the short term. Any funds committed by StartEngine investors as part of the campaign were returned in full. Of course, this required us to take other financial measures to make up for the foregone new investment.

We have dramatically reined in operating costs, which unfortunately required a significant reduction in staff. Our resources are focused on engineering and testing to ensure we have a quality system, as we cannot succeed by producing anything less.

We are working with game development partners to license classic Intellivision intellectual property (IPs) for publication on other platforms. These licensing deals will help fund continued development of Amico. A broader distribution of Intellivision classic IP will also help raise awareness of Intellivision while not directly competing with Amico because of Amico’s unique controllers and family-focused gaming adaptations. Many people in the retro gaming community have embraced us because of our family focus and the fact that all our games (including retro titles) are adapted for group play. While Amico’s broad catalog will continue to include retro titles, our mission has been and remains cross-generational, in-home, family entertainment.

We have begun a test production run of Amico that includes every aspect of the product including packaging. This is first and foremost an assessment of our manufacturing approach and overall quality of the delivered product. It is critically important to show to our current/future investors, partners, and customers that we have built a sound platform that delivers on the in-home family experience, which requires our immediate focus on value engineering and hardening of the platform. These units should be completed in the next few weeks.

We are slowly processing refund requests. The public’s uncertainty of our status in the last few months have understandably led to an influx of pre-order refund requests. Because of reduced staff and financing requirements for continued operation, our responses to and processing of these requests has been delayed. Rest assured that our intention is to honor all refund requests. We will allocate a portion of all new funding and staff time to winding down the refund queue, while our primary focus is funding and completing a quality product ready for manufacturing. To make sure we see your request, please submit to [email protected].

We will focus our initial mass production on fulfilling pre-orders and supplying our two major distribution partners. The focus will remain on direct orders until our cost structure can support the margins required for retail channels. Obviously, the markets continue to be somewhat volatile with rising inflation, rising energy costs and lingering supply chain issues that affect all manufacturing businesses. This has impacted both our costs and pricing, and it has required us to narrow our initial distribution strategy. Our hope is that we start shipping production units this year. Many challenges lie ahead for the business, and we appreciate our investors, partners and customers for your patience and support.

We will be formally announcing some new IP licensing partnership deals soon, as well as showing off the Amico units currently in production. These units will be shared with partners, investors and a select few in the media. As more production units become available we will broaden the distribution to media outlets that cover our target demographic.

Thank you for your support, and thank you to our internal team and external developers that work tirelessly to create a family gaming experience on Amico that brings people of different ages and skills together in group play.

Phil Adam

So what I get from this is…

We have no money. We tried to crowd fund but nobody was stupid enough to throw money our way.

If you want a refund on your pre-order, be patient because we don’t have any money.

There’s no way to make money by actually making and selling Amicos so we have started a desperate scheme to sell retro games on other platforms.

Good summary. And between the lines: “we have no respect for our customers, our investors, or the general public, and will continue to insult your intelligence with terrible communication and an even worse product.”

Hahahaha. These classic Intellivision games on other platforms won’t compete with our <checks notes> retro Intellivision console.

I mean, I suppose they won’t compete in practice because there is no Amico and at this rate probably never will be.

The Digital Foundry impressions of Evercade seemed favorable.

Evercade exists, has 30 game collection cartridges, 2 consoles with a 3rd on the way, and competent manufacturing and distribution without having to rely on crowdfunding or sleazy presale tactics.

Intellivision admitting they can’t issue refunds to their early, loyal fans really should be the end of this stupid failure if a project.

I’m recovering from surgery or else I would submit a detailed report of this NFT adjacent trend hopping scam to Molly Smith to bring it more mainstream attention. Can someone else with more bandwidth do it for me?

“The fact that someone with 1.5k YouTube subscribers is privy to inside information about a company selling furniture to cover refunds is all you need to know that said company is helmed by the most idiotic idiots in the history of idiocy.”

nah, Phil is a great guy. Known him for decades. If anyone can turn this ship around, it’s him. If he fails (as most expect that it will soon enough), then it basically means it couldn’t be done.

Turning the Titanic around doesn’t mean crap when there’s a giant gaping hole in the hull.