The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Made it 20 minutes. Can’t. Just can’t.

I don’t know if this is normal for angel investor pitches, but the host guy is just horrible. He sounds like he doesn’t know anything about the industry, and is just pitching things based on numbers alone. “The videogame industry is HUGE! Over three BILLION people play video games! That’s almost half the WORLD! This is a HUGE market, and you can get in on the next big thing!”

I think most people fall into this though

Right, but I feel like he’s misrepresenting the potential market for this device by putting things in such over simplistic terms. Is there a market for a new home console? Well, over three billion people play games! Is it a big industry? Yes, it’s bigger than movies and music put together! But if you’re trying to get people to invest in an upcoming book, you wouldn’t say, “Over 5 billion people read words every day! The potential market for a new book is huge!”

I can only see someone with an existing portfolio of game IP like Sega mounting a viable new console launch. But they tried already and failed at those ambitions.

If Amico was legit, it’d have to feature its games but they’re not.

Doesn’t look like it will have any games on launch. EWJ4 and Dolphin Quest are Q4 2022 now.

You don’t need the new OLED Switch when you have Amico.

I watched the new Switch announcement, and I’m pretty sure that footage of kids playing with their grandparents was doctored. Everyone knows that the Switch is too complicated for grandparents! You need to be an Olympic gymnast to figure out those controls! The Amico is clearly the superior choice.

Completely serious here: I don’t know why TT is entertaining 10 subscriber YT channels with exclusive interviews (instead of real promotion and sales since they appear to have hired some lady who did that at Nintendo previously) and it’s the eleventh hour without showing off any major (exclusive, ie. anything that would attract potential buyers) game footage.

Plus, TT’s embroiled in flame wars on forums. I’ve attended a couple of his Videogames Live concerts and thought he was a pretty amiable guy. Disappointed to find out his Twitter follows all the usual alt-right people as well.

This thing has no chance.

TT calls setting up a table at a booked event center as “partnering with Crayola”

…similar to how he called paying for a slot at E3 “such an honor”

This thing is going make the Ouya look like the Wii.

He’s still bragging as recently as this week that they’ve spent zero on marketing.

Now, the embellishments reach the level of “Shigeru Miyamoto himself revealed to me the secrets of game design when I briefly worked on a 3D game called Metroid Prime and I applied it to Finnegan Fox”

…much like how J Allard was part of the Intellivision team when he was soliciting investors.

Me too! I loved that! Let’s play some Wagner.

After TT mocked the soft launch of the Atari VCS, they now are targeting “500 units” at launch. So much for their original 2020 target.

I’m going to stop following this sad, pathetic train wreck of a console since it feels like punching down and I’m already disappointed to find out the guy behind Video Games Live is a right winger.

That fact sub-hunt isn’t in it, plus it costs more than $100 blew it for me. The fact he’s an alt-righter means even if it did have them, it’d still be a no-sale.

One last thing: turns out it won’t have physical games.

it was never supposed to, but they are doing some type of physical media, I’m thinking something like Skylanders where you can buy a physical version and the system reads the RFID to download the game.