The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Ever since Intellivision tried to hide from responding to refund demands by making up a “quiet time” and then raised the prices on their vapourware but no longer required a deposit, they’ve managed an additional 350 orders in 3 months!

I wonder if they’re doing any kind of validation on those “orders” to see if they’re real. Serves them right if they’re just “placeholder” orders.

Sure. Right after they get NFT on the blockchain working and the birthday function.

“Image being that shameless. The company you’ve been a director/president at for over four years isn’t giving refunds to people that they were 100% guaranteed. The investors that gave your company millions of dollars because of lies have been abandoned. Your own fans who have supported you constantly through everything have publicly talked about their financial troubles…

…and you go off on a nice holiday to Greece, and then show off about it! Just four months after going on holiday to Egypt that you also showed off about.

My god, these people…”

-Beetlejuice7 on Reddit

Anyone remember Seanbaby from EGM?

Intellivision Amico

One unbelievable story that is still ongoing involves a console brand brought back from the dead… maybe. The Intellivision was a game system Mattel produced in the 1980s to compete against consoles like the Atari 2600. It was never a huge hit, but nostalgia is still powerful, and game composer Tommy Tallarico revived the brand in 2018 with plans for a new console: the Intellivision Amico.

What followed was an embarrassment on just about every level. Multiple delays–not of months but of years --have kept the console from actually releasing as of June 2022, and Tallarico has moved away from his CEO role into a different position. An investment campaign earlier this year was halted after only a tiny fraction of the requested funds were raised, and it will frankly be a shock if the Amico actually makes it to preorder backers, let alone to store shelves.

Describing it as a genuine attempt and not the scam it is, was generous by GameSpot.

Official prototype render from the scammers who claim they aren’t competing with child rape games vendor Nintendo.

Note the spelling of “curated quality controlled”

Come on, everyone uses stolen placeholder art in their tender documents.

It’s like a 401 letter. If you can spot the spelling errors, you are not within their target demographic.

WHY were these obvious jackasses given as much money as they received?

It’s like the inverse of the old song, “If you’re so smart, how come you ain’t rich?” Louis Jordan If You're So Smart How Come You Ain't Rich - YouTube

If they’re so rich, why are they so dumb?

That same claim of “best selling” is intact with typos on the mock-up they did manage to physically create and a sloppily cut out quick start guide with their own company name misspelled with their shit shovelware games and not stolen Nintendo IP.

This is an official render posted by their ex-VP of Product Commercialization. Who, for some misguided reason, seems proud of their involvement in defrauding investors and featuring this in their personal portfolio.

To be fair, they are the best selling games on the Amico.

“Zero attention to detail is a hallmark of the Intellivision clown show: When the box is laying front-side-up, the text on the sides should be oriented so that it’s readable. On this render, all the words on the side will be upside-down.”

I love how they put “Interactive Lighting Guidance System” on there like anyone knows what the fuck that means or why they would want it.

Emergency exits on a plane would make some sense. On a vaporware console…not so much.

I dunno. It seems to me that the Amico is doing a crash and burn.

But has Tommy already found his way to the escape hatch?

Every shill cultist that’s broken free of the slavish Tommy Tallarico worship deletes all their hundreds of videos they’ve made about Amico as one of their first moments of self awareness:

It still boggles my mind how any of them thought they’d get recognition (in a good way) for this crap