The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

That’s the one thing I hope KSP 2 resolves. The 1 fps frame rate when an explosion occurs.

Here’s a (most assuredly) more competent, about-the-same as a scam console:

Even they didn’t use a custom enclosure and controller. Also:

Okay then.

Because they’re an award winning company*


*Awards they paid for themselves still totally count like all the hyper specific Guinness records Tommy Tallarico paid for.

One of Tommy’s most pathetic adoring groupies responds to this.

A refresher on Mike Mullis:

Ah yes, the man who…

Literally told Tommy that he “loves” (yes, he himself said the word love) him multiple times.

Said that he’s spent two years mindblown by the fact that he’s “friends” with Tommy.

Did a stream where he performed music for Tommy with a shrine of Tommy’s games at the front of the camera while Tommy sat there awkwardly.

Had a total meltdown shouting and crying on stream when a negative Amico article was written about Amico.

Implied that him getting his Amico is more important than people getting their refunds.

Didn’t question any of Tommy’s claims about all of the games he promised was coming and just blindly accepted anything and everything Tommy told him

Yet he acts like he’s some last bastion of gaming journalism. Such an embarrassing dude.

Remember: The Amico sales pitch is based on this simple question: ARE YOUR PARENTS DEAD?

that ratio, OOF

They filed a new trademark with an address of a UPS store. Meanwhile, 2 less Intellivision people on LinkedIn including a Senior software engineer.

Good first person account of one of the astroturf events where Tommy fraudulently filled the “interested public” to prove their appeal with Amico shill cultists and their families to try to attract more investment money to scam.

A very partial list of Tommy Tallarico lies fact checked.

Don’t forget the “quality colntrol”!



The former 20k square feet Santa Ana Intellivision office (1 of many) is now available to lease:

5 loading bays!

Intellivision is the WORST. After showing their European multilingual interface full of mistranslations (using Google Translate) and errors they had the audacity to thank their “localization team” for their “hard work.”

Maybe it was done by unpaid interns.

I refuse to believe that when Tommy on record told me himself with over 600 years of industry experience and all the world records he has paid for, Amico has only the best games and best developers, that he could have been lying to me to line his pockets.

Gaming news and journalists derelict in duty to report and investigate Amico scam, just repeat their false talking points

Even with a third delay, and their criminally incompetent financials laid bare the gaming news will just repeat verbatim lies from Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico and Phil Adam without question. How has that worked out when everything claimed by them over the last four years has been lies and unfulfilled promises?

Where is the pushback with basic questions to suspect claims of “we intend to fulfil all refund requests” and “Amico games are NFTs” or “we intend to release on other platforms?”

All are lies intended to give the veneer that they are somehow still relevant and alive when this should be asked:

•	With what money are you going to refund? Everyone has seen your financials and they are dog shit.
•	Why were your games unfinished for years when your previous CEO lied and lied and lied that everything was done?
•	With what money are you going to “finish” the games or “finish the system?” Or do an “engineering test run?
•	Why should anyone trust you and Intellivision with your track record of lies and falsifications?
•	Speaking of, under whose watch was IP theft committed for Battle Tanks?
•	Under what timeline do you anticipate being able to do all these things after refunding?
•	Who is going to do all of these tasks since you appear to have shuttered physical offices and laid off staff when Tommy derided the need for work from home arrangements? Why did you waste so much of limited funds on physical offices?


Estimates are they blew $50k+ a month for lil Tommy Tallarico to play pretend in their spacious Potemkin office

Just what every no/pre revenue startup needs: two kitchens and five loading bays.