The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Disgracedformer PlaneScape Torment programmer and box art model Guido Henkel is still feverishly pro Team Amico and scamming for it

That’s awesome lol.

Disreputable scammer Uncle Phil Adam crawls out of his hole to provide worthless updates on the scam:

He has turned into a true scumbag grifter. Man I hope everyone sees this dude for what he is now.

He’s frustrated about the amount of hate he’s received from Youtubers and the community as a whole regarding his time with the Coleco Chameleon and linking that to Intellivision and it really “bugs” him.

I think the fact he makes large 6 digit salaries taking advantage of hopeful gamers in multiple failed (scammy) ventures, should… you know… be taken into consideration when he whines about Youtubers being upset with him. But self-reflection? Naw.

Claims he’s doing it for free neglects to mention funds he’s siphoned for years as (worthless and ineffective) “VP of Revenue” where he’s only ensured money flowing into his own pockets successfully.

Hope that money to be the front man of the con was worth shitting on what professional reputation he had left. It’s okay I’m sure—he’s in his infirm twilight days of irrelevancy.

Months after “in a couple of days” and “in a couple of weeks …or so” he trots out those same lies again.

“End of November” is the newly moved target!

Also forgot to mention he’s getting “alternate funds” to make up for his “salary”. He ain’t doing this for free.

An impressive takedown of grifter and liar Tommy Tallarico taking credit for Roblox’s Oof sound and Roblox’s success from a 1M+ subscriber YouTuber

Oooh, I’ll have to watch this. I’ve really enjoyed his other work.

It’s epic! Engrossing and highly entertaining

He wasn’t even in MTV Cribs! This man is the living embodiment of George Costanza’s “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

He’s the living embodiment of My Dad Works For Nintendo and knows when Street Fighter 3 is coming out.

His lies have power creep!

I loves me a good Hbomberguy take-down, and this one was delicious. This thread already did a good job at educating me about Tommy’s schemes and lies, but I still learned a new thing or two while watching the video.

Didn’t mention his Yankees Hall of Fame status or his Emmy winning status as he pitched his success on the Amico presentation to investors.

It appears that Tommy is that guy that you worked for that takes credit for all of your work as his own.

That is a pretty believable story, because the entertainment industry is full of that type of guy.

Also believable because of everything he has ever said and done.

I’ve still got 30 minutes left in the hbomberguy video, but yet another wonderful production from him. I love how deep he’ll go into tangents. But even then, they always seem to come back around and add to the overall point.

He added 30 min of Tommy Tallarico lies to the running length of the early release video he released to Patreon/Nebula last month

I had to watch it in chunks, but it was worth the effort in time. It sounds like Tallarico likes to exaggerate his role in things. And then these exaggerations become the truth in his head after some time. And so the next telling needs to be exaggerated. And so it goes.