The Intellivision is returning, and it has a new boss

Holy shit, they’ve got 10 built already?!?
I was under the impression there were like 2.
They must be in full production mode to have cranked out that many.

“Hello Amicofriends! Wouldn’t it be something if we ramped up production this quarter and are producing 400% more units than all four quarters last year combined! Can Nintendont, Xblah, and Sunky say that?! No! Another update coming soon!”…TT.

No shred of respect left for the washed-up industry scammers like Phil Adam.

If you believe this additional kicking the can, you’ve got the least ethical people fronting it and the dumbest fans.



It upsets me that two rows are formatted differently.

From the videos I’ve seen, um… yep.

“By the next quarter, please look forward to an improved bingo card featuring revised text kerning, modern synthwave aesthetics, and…”

I’m sorry I simply can’t complete a single business-speak sentence, even if there’s a gun held to my head.

The latest:

According to “The Retro Bro,” Intellivision CEO Phil Adam was going to make an announcement by the end of the week, which ended 2 days ago on May 20th 2023.

British YouTube retro gamer “Slopes Game Room” claims to have recorded an exclusive review of “Shark! Shark!” which was originally supposed to be one of the pack-in games for Intellivision Amico. He’s not saying anything else until the video, which I will not link here, launches on Wednesday May 24th.

The way these chuckleheads like to announce their announcements instead of actually doing anything grows increasingly tiresome to this Amico-watcher.

You haters are going to feel real stupid now:

Emphasis mine. See, the company whose entire raison d’etre was making a console still has it as "a part of their product strategy. Not one they’re going to tell you anything about however. Surprising nobody, the “expanded” strategy means dumping those “exclusive” Amico games on mobile.

We will continue to kick that can. Chuckle fucks only know how to scam.

But not the actual product they put down money for?

They need to be sued

I wonder what idiots will be signing up to “license” anything from this corrupted company?

These German purveyors of shovelware claim to have bought the rights to former Amico exclusives Astrosmash and Shark! Shark!

Both were listed on their Games page for a little while, then removed when Reddit and YouTube picked up on it. They listed PC and console platforms for release and their YouTube channel has some gameplay video of these lackluster games.

That email you posted seems to have caused another Amico-Deeko to throw up some more of his Kool-Aid. I’ve never seen this guy before, but he seems like he’s a former follower of Tommy that is beginning to see the light…maybe?:

What’s weird about that video though is that after he goes through and painstakingly decodes the entire email line by line, he then says something about how he got kicked off the Amico Facebook page because he asked Phil Adam a question regarding his integrity.

And he seems to admire the fact that, “How many times has a CEO of a company responded to each and every person with an opinion on his product?” And, “Phil Adam personally emailed me before he dropped the ban hammer on me.” [All that’s just after roughly the 15 minute mark]

I mean, that’s gotta be better than an autograph!

What I got from that video is that this guy sees all of the problems with the Amico and the people in charge. But all of that criticism seems to be negated by the fact that Tommy and Phil will personally contact people, which is “almost never done these days.”

So celebrity contact trumps logic?

Well, every time @tomchick replies to me personally, I get all warm inside and it makes up for all the trauma he’s caused me when he’s reviewed a game I love a pathetic 4/5 instead of a 10/5 like everyone else on the internets.

Gerstmann weighs in: