The internet isn't safe at all for The Last of Us Part II

The internet isn’t safe at all for The Last of Us Part II Last of Us fans, take note! There are massive spoilers being posted on the internet for The Last of Us Part II. The game was “indefinitely delayed” near the beginning of the global COVID-19 crisis, and although that has been updated to launch on June 19th, apparently that wasn’t good enough for some folks. Someone, rumors say perhaps a disgruntled Naughty Dog or Sony employee, has leaked a ton of footage and story details for the highly anticipated sequel. While the development studio and the publisher are diligently stamping out the offending videos with copyright claims, tweets and posts that could ruin your enjoyment of the upcoming game are hiding in the wild, so beware. Get off the internet entirely, just to be safe!

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What if one didn’t have any interest in playing the game, but one is slightly interested in reading spoilers (I do this for Marvel movies too)? Where would one go?
Edit: Found them in a thread on Resetera and various 4chan threads. Seems mildly interesting. Not “go out and buy a PS4 + the game” interesting, but “I’ll maybe watch my favorite streamer play this” or “borrow a PS4 from a friend in a few years” insteresting.

Since I don’t have any Sony Playstation gear I watched the original being played by a streamer and I assume I’ll do the same for this. For a number of games where I’d hit my frustration threshold that’s my preferred way to experience it!

That’s exactly my plan - this will be the new hotness for a few weeks on Twitch I’m sure, just need to find a streamer that isn’t too annoying.

The Internet definitely won’t be safe when this game comes out. I’ll be shutting my bunker door to avoid as much of the culture war crossfire as I can.

Stock up on supplies and good luck to everyone out there.

This seems to me like reading bullet points for a movie and shrugging it away as “interesting I guess”. You have to watch the movie to get the full impact, you can’t just read about it.

No, it’s like a sequel to a movie (that I didn’t watch) existing and me having no interest (… and no PS4) in watching it, then someone telling me “it’s about X, and does Y with its characters”, and me going “Huh, that seems mildly interesting.”
The difference is that my interest has been heightened not lowered.

Got 'em!

Update: Sony identifies responsible party; confirms it was not a member of Sony or Naughty Dog

As Hermes would say, that just raises further questions! Who else would have access to be able to just release it? Was this a security breach by hackers or something?

It was a test build, so I’m going to guess a contractor in QA possibly.

Looks like it was a hack then -

I’ve never heard of a IRL network getting hacked from inside a video game. It must be a first.