The iPhone is the next 360: heat death after four days

You heard it here first.

Why did my iPhone fail so soon? Apple’s Geniuses couldn’t say on the spot. But I think it had something to do with heat — my iPhone would get incredibly hot to the touch when plugged in and charging while I was on a long phone call. So hot I lived those first three days in constant fear that it would heat to the point of burning up. So hot that I was tempted to put some raw egg in a foil cup and set it atop the iPhone to see if it would cook — or if not actually cook, turn opaque from the iPhone’s super-heated back surface. Describing this on my blog JOEyGADGET promoted one other iPhone owner to comment:
“Yep, mine seems hot but I don’t know if it’s too hot. Hotness is relative you know.” Agreed when discussing physical attraction, but when talking about physical touch, take my word for it, my original iPhone all but burned the skin on my hand.

I’m telling you, there’s a theme here. Software Companies Can’t Build Cutting-Edge Hardware That Runs Cool Enough To Live.

Any guesses on the iPhone failure rate? Think it’ll match the 360’s 30%-50%? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Jobs? Gates?

Maybe they can trade class-action lawsuits!

Edit: Hmm, didn’t read to the end of the article :-P

As for the iPhone I was given to replace the little hottie, the new one is much cooler to the touch when plugged in and in use, and therefore, so am I.

OK, maybe no big deal. Move along, nothing to see here.

Apple offers the option of a rental iPhone during the repair process for a $29 fee — something that is bound to rub customers the wrong way

Hmm, yeah. Pay $600 and when your iPhone breaks you have to pay $29 to get a replacement one? Has apple never heard of a little thing called cross-shipping? They send you a new iPhone, you send them their broken one.

Hell, I can do it on my $60 hard drive…

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iPhone is domed?

When talking on the phone it doesn’t feel that hot, but when accessing video or internet content…my fingers feel singed.

Just get an iPotholder.

Haven’t had this problem. Have used just about every high-end function on it and it gets warm at best.

Happens. My phone gets fairly warm sometimes after charging and talk time.

It sounds like it’s design is so thin there isn’t enough material between the battery and the user. In hot environments this is going to be a problem…

I’ve heard that there are some battery problems, which could explain the high heat.

The fix is to replace the phone.

It has nothing to do with how the shipments work. They’re giving you a loaner so you aren’t stranded without a phone while you wait for the replacement to arrive. Even cross-shipping will leave you without a phone.

Yep, I’ve seen semi-defective batteries get pretty hot. I second XPav’s post.

In companies that have good customer service they provide cross shipping, which means you get a replacement item before you have to send in your broken item. Now how fast it ships varies, its 1-5 days depending. I know when I bought a Dell Axim X50v they shipped you a brand new x50v if yours broke next day. Only after that you had to send your broken one in.

Plus I understand paying up front $50 for an extra warranty service, i.e. Dell’s 3 year customercare plus plan, but with Apple you have to pony up money every time.

That’s not cross shipping. Cross shipping is when they send you the replacement at the same time you send the other one back. Hence they “cross” in shipment.

Maybe Sony is making the batteries?

Well that’s what tech support I dealt with whenever I needed an RMA called it. However, you get the replacement sent out to you right away which is what really matters.

Capacitors in overdrive.


Fortunately Apple is making about 150% profit on each iPhone, so they can afford to send you another :).