The iPhone Thread

Well I’ll probably buy. I’m not an Apple dittohead and have only owned 2 iPods in my life, but since I use Cingular, would be in a position this summer to afford a new one to replace my crappy one, and this has enough really cool stuff to make me happy.

From Engadget:

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Nice no frills item about it on:

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We can hardly wait to see the picture of you holding the box up to your head!

If I can find some way to foist the monthly data usage bill on my employer, I’ll buy one.

It looks cool and I’m as big of a tech head as anyone but just dont get the craze over things like this. I have a perfectly fine phone, a wonderful hi-fi audio setup at home, an excellent car audio, a great digital camera, a laptop and a home comp for the internet…and I’m sure a lot of others have all this too…why would someone spend so much money on something which is inferior to the individual items. I could see if it was JUST a phone and an excellent one, then it might be worth something, but all that other stuff is just fluff…fun fluff but fluff nonetheless.

This is sort of how I’ve felt about phones for awhile now. I went through the whole do-everything phase very early on, and now the thing that’s the most appealing to me about my current phone is that it’s tiny, metal, very solid, and does the basics just fine (it’s a SLVR). This, though… it looks like it does some of the things it does better than other dedicated devices do. Visual voice mail interface? Why did this take so long?

I get a lot of use out of my Cingular 8125. It basically manages all my tasks, appointments, email, and internet use in a way that would be much more difficult with a non-PDA phone. The touchscreen makes a big difference. Plus, it’s my MP3 player as well – I don’t want to have to carry more than one device in my pocket at any given time, because there’s just no enough room in there, so I tend to lean towards phones that have a lot of functionality.

I must admit though, this thing looks damn cool. What’s the processing power?

I think the idea about the iPhone is that for the first time, you’re not getting an inferior music player/pda/web browser, etc. It’s not like the ROKR, its #1 everything.

I wonder what 3rd party expandability will be like.

Unless the wifi is crippled in some devious way, this may not be a problem.

I’m paying $7.50 a month for unlimited data use. I can’t imagine Cingular charges that much more than Sprint.

That image won’t load unless you visit the site, Alan. Try the one from Apple’s site?

One of our compiler engineers just got a Samsung Blackjack. Now he has 5 months to sell it to someone else. :-)

With Cingular, it depends on the type of phone that you’re using. I currently pay $19.99/month for unlimited smartphone data use. (And I’m not technically supposed to use streaming). If I had a PDA phone, they’d be charging me $40 or so per month.

I think they do. They have data plans at $45 for unlimited data.

Sprint is $15/month unlimited data for my Windows smartphone.

That full-face, no-stylus touchscreen is pretty hot, if you ask me. I am damn tired of using my fingernails to call people. Plus the PMP functions and integration are pretty slick, as is the inclusion of OSX, because people have been wanting a device that does phone and music well. One less thing to carry around, but no one’s been able to get it right. The ROKR was a joke, and the Razr (through Verizon, at least) doesn’t allow you to transfer files from your computer.

Oh, and it also surfs full-page Web sites in wide screen; arguably a better choice than Opera Mobile.

The 8GB iPod functionality alone would usually cost you $250, and this one has that crazy screen to boot. It’s actually a reasonable price for what you’re getting. I think you may be underestimating how many people want to listen to music on the go. And it also has Wi-Fi.

Edit: That said, finger smudge is a factor, and forget about holding it up to your face.

If you get the data plan on a secondary line it’s half-price. You still get the discount even if you don’t have data on the primary line.

Er, changed the images.

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If Cingular were smart, they’d hold back a high percentage of the first iPhone shipment for new subscribers only. I’m sure their current subscribers will be more willing to wait.