The Iron Council

Well, that was a surprise. Like he took the old decaying book of fantasy, blew off the dust, and started attached various gizmos to the side. Really cool book. I’ve heard Perdido Street Station is better…

Perdido Street Station was more fun to read but Iron Council is the more mature book. It’s a bit like Snow Crash compared to the later Stephenson.

I haven’t read Iron Council yet but I liked The Scar better than Perdido Street Station - much tighter plot and story IMO, and just better written. The Scar is really excellent in my view although it doesnt have so much of the fantasy-industrial-revolution stuff as PSS or Iron Council.

I will probably pick up Iron Council soon.

For the win.

The Scar is about pirates. leviathans, ghost monks, mosquito men and a city built out of old ship parts.

We discussed this before somewhere, but I couldn’t finish Perdid, loved the other two books.