The Iron Giant 10 year anniversary retrospective

Even though the movie was criminally overlooked at the time by audiences, I probably don’t need to tell people on this board why this movie is so special and one of the greatest animated movies ever made. Over time The Iron Giant has begun to be viewed by the public as the classic it rightfully is.

Anyway, this month celebrates the ten year anniversary of the film that got grown men to cry at hearing the word “Suuperman” come out of Vin Diesel’s mouth and got Brad Bird a job at Pixar. In celebration of the film, a couple of great articles have come out in the past week reminiscing on why the film is so great

So since I never tire of hearing people talk about the film, let’s hear your thoughts

Isn’t their a super-duper deluxe edition DVD coming out soon?

Well a special edition came out in 2003 or so. Haven’t heard anything since then.

It was overlooked at the time? Huh. Everyone I knew had seen it, I’m pretty sure. Great, great film.

Movie made $23 million in total at the box office.

Yea it was overlooked. The ad campaign was horrendous and turned a lot of people off. Hell even I had a hard time getting excited, even though I had read all the positive reviews, because the actual tv ads were really really horrible. It looked like some dumb down kids movie.

I had no idea it made that little. Jesus that’s sad – this was so much better than 99% of the kid’s tripe that’s come out since then.

Iron Giant was one of the big nails in the coffin for Warner Brothers Theatrical Animation. It really was a crying shame.

And “Suuperman” still just kills me.

Well, usually when movies flop, it results in cancellation of similar projects and a loss of clout for the director’s next endeavor. In this case, the director got a job at Pixar with creative latitude. I think that worked out OK.

I’m not saying it isn’t sad when something so excellent gets overlooked, but in this case some of the people with the money had taste and vision, so the negative consequences were lessened.

Yeah great movie for kids and adults.

The ad campaign for this turned me off so thoroughly that I didn’t see until many years later when it had gained its reputation for being great and not at all what it was advertised as. It really is one of the best animated films of the modern era, and holds up exceptionally well even today.

I actually just saw this for the first time (based on gf’s recommendation) on Netflix 360…great movie! I’m really surprised I didn’t know much about it.

Yeah, even as a fan of everything Sci-fi (and giant robots) I didn’t bother with this since I wasn’t into kids animation at all (most of the Disney classics I didn’t see before I had kids on my own)… then a few years later I saw it based on the recommendations of fellow geeks.

Great great movie… I must now go search for the dubbed version for my kids.

Does the 10 Year Anniversary Edition include an apology from WB’s ad execs? Now there’s a special feature I’d like to see.

Special Edition with both Danish dub and original language ordered at $42.

See, what you made me do?!

My favorite non Pixar animated flick…

Tears in my eyes…everytime.

Yeah this is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen…

I think I am going to watch it again.

Yup, I about got tears in my eyes from reading it just now.

Oh thank God, I was afraid it was just me.

Nope. Me too.

Niagara Falls here.