The IT Crowd - First episode online

The new sitcom by one of the creators of the classic Father Ted has been made available online by the UK broadcaster Channel 4:

My own view is that it wasn’t too bad, the performances are good, but the script is pretty standard sitcom stuff and the canned laughter seems a little contrived, although to be fair, part of its pre-publicity has been that it wants to give life back to to the conventional sitcom. I need to see a couple more episodes to make my mind up.

Before the transmission date (Feb 3), which I think may be some kind of first?

Yes, I think it’s some sort of ‘teaser’, I can’t see them doing it with the rest of the series, particularly as there’s no ad. break in the online version.

Too bad it sucks!

Yeah. I think my impressions of the british television are inflated because I torrent the few good shows every year. I forget they have plenty of crappy sitcoms too.

Yes, as British sitcoms go it was pretty average, certainly not the new ‘The Office’ or even the new ‘Father Ted’ (which was Irish anyway). I was disappointed on two counts, first because I was expecting better from one of the creators the aforesaid ‘Father Ted’ and secondly because it had been given a big build up by various arts preview programmes here on radio and TV, by people who normally have good judgement. The second of course could be because media luvvies secretly hate and fear us IT folks and will laugh at any joke at our expense.

I was even more surprised to see Chris Morris in it.

I’ll check out the second one, but I’m not overly impressed with it so far.

Been watching this. It seems a lot of the show in the show of the last season of Extras. But it finally got me at the end of episode three.

OMG this is amazing. The first 4 series on Netflix I can’t stop watching, it’s brilliant! I see some of the actors have been in this show since 2013, so there must be several more series no on Netflix, where can I get them?

Wikipedia on IT Crowd after the fourth season:

A fifth series was officially commissioned by Channel 4, for release in 2011.[16] Initially, series creator Graham Linehan had begun pre-production on the new series; however this time working with a team of writers. Linehan stated it would be the show’s last series, as a “goodbye to the characters”.[17] The team were unable to meet regularly, so instead looked to create a virtual writers room using Basecamp allowing the team to communicate online and codevelop plotlines, then scenes, then dialogue - with Linehan putting together the script itself. Linehan reflected that a hindrance was Basecamp - which was a “stuffy, businesslike service that I think it actually ended up making everyone self-conscious” - however there was not a suitable alternative. Despite this, stories did begin to formulate, with Linehan believing that it could work out. Ultimately due to Linehan’s schedule and budget the fifth season was shelved.[18] Ideas for the fifth season included a Die Hard episode

After eventually scrapping a fifth season, Linehan then began working on a special episode. Due to the actors’ availability and Linehan busy with his TV adaptation of Count Arthur Strong, as well as working on The Walshes, it was not until June 2013 that they were able to film the episode.[19]

Linehan has stated that there are certain characters he would like to explore in future spin-off style specials - particularly Matt Berry’s character, Douglas. In an interview in 2014, expanding upon revisiting Douglas, Linehan stated he currently has a half formed idea, but with Matt Berry currently busy with his series Toast of London, Linehan will “pounce when he’s taking a rest”.[20] Linehan has also expressed reprising Benedict Wong’s character Prime from the episode “Final Countdown”.[18] Wong has also said that he would be “thrilled” if Prime got his own series, joking it would be called Prime Time.[21]

Wow, so there’s another episode out there after the fourth season. Is that on Netflix? Now I have to find it.

It’s not on Netflix, but it is on YouTube, and it’s beautiful

Via that video I also found this lovely behind the scenes thingy:

Woah, I never knew about this 3 years later episode - many thanks!

Absolutely. Now I just want some kind of complete series DVD collection.

I just want them to keep doing more, it makes a (wonderful) mockery of most sanitised sitcoms (don’t get me started on the american re-write of The Office etc).

If this tickled your fancy i would recommend ‘Episodes’, which while not anywhere near the same theme is smart in the same kind of way.

Hmm and if budget comedy sci-fi is on your menu, then also check out Hyperdrive for that same kind of humour:

If you like the IT Crowd, I’d strongly recommend checking out Linehan’s other work, particularly Father Ted and Black Books. Apologies if I’m Britsplaining and you already know these shows.

Can we throw Black Adder into the mix?

My girlfriend LOVES Father Ted because she grew up catholic, so it super resonates with her. It’s mostly meh for me, but I do love Dougal an awful lot.

Black Books is just amazing.

Probably in the top 10 of my favorite sitcoms of all time.

Dylan Moran is a genius, not just in his acting and comedy, but that he would team up with a Genius like Linehan.

Also, Father Ted is pretty great.

Moran makes the show, of course, but the whole cast is fantastic - Tamsin Greig (see also Green Wing), Bill Bailey, Peter Serafinowicz and Simon Pegg.

Nick Frost shows up too.