"The Joker" tries to steal Batman memorabilia - fails miserably

Batman premier… $300 million dollars.
Batman reviews… 94% positive.
The Joker showing up to steal a Batman cardboard cutout…priceless.



FELONY larceny? For movie memorabilia?

Somehow the words “convicted felon” are on the precipice of losing their shock value if he ends up being sentenced on that charge.

I’d like to know more about it as well… the charges seem way out of whack with what I “imagined” he did. But there could have been valuable classic memorabilia that he did a “smash and grab” on. Until they tell us more, I will continue to report this as a dumb fan-boy trying to steal a cardboard Batman. Muahahaha!

Felony larceny? Why so serious?

The best part is he managed to get detained by the movie theatre employees until the cops showed up. I’ve never been to the movie theatre in question, but based on experience I’m pretty sure there is some kind of federal law that you have to be a pimply faced 16 year old to work in a movie theatre. The Joker must be spinning in his grave.

OMG CCzero, spoilers!!! Not that we couldn’t figure out what happened. :)

I think (sadly) we’ve reached a point where prosecutors often lay on much higher charges than are appropriate for the crime, in anticipation of plea-bargaining down to what would have been reasonable to begin with. This kid will end up with some sort of misdemeanor, get 6-months probation, and probably have his rap sheet sealed when he turns 18.

But none of that will cure his basic problem, being stupid.

Isn’t the point of the posters to advertise for the movie and hype it up? Doesn’t a news story about a guy dressed up in (a quite good) Joker outfit just give the movie theatre that much more publicity?

The movie theater couldn’t have paid for such good publicity. Idiots.

Kid’s just getting into character for the next role in batman; these method actors will go to any lengths.

Jesus… Felony? really? Someone dressed up in a costume to see the movie, was like… hey… lets take this cool cardboard cutout…

convicted felon, alongside rapists, drug dealers, and child molesters.



The Joker doesn’t die.

Guess he made a boner.