The key to chat

is to actually hang around long enough to say something or hear something be said. Showing up for .1 second then leaving isn’t really chatting. Believe it or not if you hang out for a while people do show up and do actually talk to one another. ;)

– Xaroc

Heck, lots of times I just log on and talk to myself until someone shows up. There’s something almost Zen about an empty chat room.

Xaroc and I are usually in the chat for work hours (US time zones) during the week, just give us a few minutes to answer cause we might be actually working.

LOVE US…(damn too desperate sounding)…err I mean…you should stop in and say Hello :)


Another thing that would help: arranged chat times.

I’m usually in there all day and night on saturdays, hehe. some pretty good discussions in there sometimes.