The kick starter I would really LOVE to see (Barcia/Simtex)

Love to see Steve Barcia/Simtex on a kickstarter!

Even if it was only 1830 Railroad & Robber Barons remake.

Imagine a remake of MOM by the original team.

I never thought it would be possible but with Kickstarter - I cannot imagine it would not get the support it would need.

OMFG, it would be the one to kickstart my cherry :)

I would almost say lets start the kickstarter to entice him to the project. Here is all the money come and get it!


A true Master of Magic remake by the original team would probably be my top pick and I would lay down some serious money.

Screw that, a proper Master of Orion 3 is what I want.

Can’t believe he’s doing Def Jam series still…:PUKE

Call it the The Return of the Orion Master if cannot use the old name due to copyright issues. ;>)

This would be one of the few kickstarters that I would throw lots of money at.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him get another shot at doing Mech Lords.

You all are INSANE! They NEED to finish Guardians: Agents of Justice!!! Ok MOM later but give me my damn Guardians: Agents of Justice!!! RRRAWRRR!!! :) (NERD RAGE RELEASED)

Thie, above all else.

Fuck yes.

Oh yeah, that too. I had forgotten all about it.

I am embarrassed to say I do not remember it.

Barcia’s just a cog at EA these days.

I thought he had vanished, actually - He has made a TON of my favorite games ever…

After his replacement he took employment at EA Canada in Vancouver where he oversees the production on the Def Jam series.


Def Jam?

Oh, a MOM remake I would spent money on for sure.

Have you seen the video interview with Steve Bracia? Its really old, but I only saw it a year ago or so.

Its must be weird laying low while you see your name pop up on some places on the internet time after time. He must be aware of this right?


My holy grail of strategy games. Sniff :(



Okay, here’s the pitch: at the start of the game, a galaxy is spawned: say a hundred stars, each populated by a human(oid) race at various levels of technological prowess. (Imagine about 3/4 the way through a game of Master of Orion). The galaxy is divided into factions, very much like Moo. The kicker, though, is you control a group of mercenaries who are hired out by various factions, independent planets, and whatnot to wage war on their behalf. I recall that the system set up by Mechlords was supposed to be feudal…

So, actual gameplay is similar to X-Com, but instead of having a base at a fixed point, you own a DropShip that travels around the galaxy, trading for parts, getting new missions, getting attacked at certain points, and all around having a great time. Gameplay is tactical turn-based where you control mechs, tanks, aircraft, and other engines of war. Each unit is customisable, and each unit can have specific parts/limbs destroyed. Sure, there could be an overall plot that’s procedurally generated: in game 1, you get ambushed by House Archon on the planet Xerxes as your company was asked to destroy a rebel garrison on the southern continent by the planet’s feudal lord. In game 2, the ambush takes place on a moon in the Orion sector while you were protecting a mining operation that received threats from an eco-terrorist organisation, but this time you were ambushed by a group of mercenaries whose true loyalties were hidden for the moment.

You know, after writing all this, I’m just going to go ahead and request that the folks doing Shadowrun essentially do a Battletech mercenary game: Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries with turn-based strategic combat instead of a FPS.

Of ALL the kickstarted games, this has got to be the one. I’m throwing money at the screen here, people!

EDIT: Link to Mechlords interview from way back when:

Should have gotten Tom to do an interview with him…