The Kickstarter Thread

Finding cool stuff on Kickstarter and want to share before time runs out? Let other QT3ers know! (Obviously this section would be for non-games primarily.)

Recently backed this one, Gustin Jeans (appeared on Uncrate as well), and the project is funded with about 8 days left:

I would like a pair or two of some long-lasting jeans and wouldn’t mind paying something like $81 for them if they had a decent fade and were super awesome to wear. Apparently that’s what these are like. They frequently open up different materials/weights but for many without actually touching them it’d be pretty hard to figure out what I’d want (which kinda sucks).

Also funded this Satori Soju:

Which doesn’t look like it’s going to make it with more than half of its goal to go and ~9 days left. Admittedly the project is hurt by the fact that, well, backing doesn’t actually get you any liquor. In fact it seems to be mostly further market an upcoming launch. Which is okay I guess, but you know… when you fund something, you want that a piece of that something. Not just some clothes (which, by the way, I really dig the henley… er, did I say that?)

Chocolate Covered Beermallows:

Umm yeah sure why not.

Also managed to fund the Nomiku a few months back, which is a digital heating unit that clips to the side of a pot (for instance) and circulator. Basically it allows you to easily control the cooking temperature of the liquid you insert it in for, essentially, sous-vide cooking.

— Alan

The SMBC comic has a Kickstarter for Science themed comics, with guest spots and all that fun stuff. The goal was of $20,000, which it blew by in less than a day (I think the first day netted nearly ~$75k in the first 24 hours).

Its still going strong, but has slowed down considerably after day 1. But that’s okay. At ~900% of its goal, all that’s left is more stretch goals (which Weiner is coming up with on the fly now).

This looks interesting. I’m tempted to order a pair (one for me, one for the wife.) Heck, I’m tempted to get one for each member of the family.

Also generally known as an immersion circulator. I’ve often wondered if there was an affordable consumer-level one, but looking at their website, it’s still pretty pricey. I guess it’s relatively expensive tech no matter how you cut it.

Gustin is closing off their Kickstarter campaign as the highest funded Fashion entry in Kickstarter’s history–pretty good run they had. I’m in for quite a bit, so hopefully they will be as great as implied. This is pretty much my new jeans budget for quite a while.

Also in fashion, the Hydrogen-1 “Crossover Men’s Sneakers” ( could be potentially interesting, though the price is quite high and I don’t get the “crossover” thing–some of these are definitely Italian-leather style dress shoes and others quite frankly are not. I’m intrigued but considering the price ($200 for early adopter, $280 afterwards) that’s not really an easy sell.

The Almond+ ( just got quickly funded out of the starting gate: it’s a visual/touchscreen-based 802.11ac home router for $99.

The Ephiphany onE Puck ( is funky–a sterling-engine powered iDevice charger. You put a hot or cold drink on it as a nice coaster while charging devices.

— Alan

Matanzima South African Hot Sauce:

Mostly funding an expansion of theirs as they need more equipment, not the development of the sauce itself (which is sold in SF grocery stores).

Lumio, which is a funky LED light where you open it like a book and the pages splay out the light in a universal glow. They’ve got a month to go and are halfway there so this looks like it’ll get funded. They also give an anticipated production schedule:

Saucee – some creative spicey sauces with some unusual bases, like Kale and Turmeric:

— Alan

I just backed Humans Must Answer. Just 7 pounds for the game. Less than 12 hours left though.

I love these kinds of old-school SHMUPS that my 7-year old son can also play.

Nice Thread!! would be very helpful!! Just a small question, concerning Kickstarter project on games, where should i post it?? I dont want to get banned by no knowing the forum rules clearly:p

Thanks guys!

This one is good. The only thing you might get in trouble for is linking and leaving. If you stay around and interact with the forum (even if only concerning your game) we don’t mind you advertising a new kickstarter.

Sending a PM to Tom Chick is a good idea if you want to start a new thread. As I understand it he is usually fine with it if, again, you stick around.

At the risk of getting abused…

Ban nhac hay nhat the gioi

Thanks @Gendal for your suggestion! I have already PM Tom and hopeful he will give us some advices!:)

One of my old friends has a nice animation studio and has just started this campaign for “Animation Paper” obviously for 2D animators. I’m not an animator myself so I can’t immediately tell how awesome it is, but his company usually produces quality stuff.

Rise, thread! I’ve just fallen to the temptation of KSing…

The Gentleman’s Single-Use Monocle (courtesy of Zach “SMBC” Weiner)


A featureless tungsten cube (courtesy of “Hey, catch!”)

Haven’t done much on KS for awhile. I wish there was a better reminder system; some projects I’ll look at and then completely lose track of. The Mt. Hood pint glass thing recently was kinda cool that I thought about maybe investing in, but promptly forgot about until it was long over.

— Alan

Tungsten cube… so tempting…

Agreed. If they laser etched the timecube into it or something, I’d be totally sold.

Tempting indeed, that cube. But the real kilo is way to expensive for a gimmick, and the affordable minicubes will probably turn out to be disappointing: heavy, but not as surprisingly as the kilo… Damn.

There’s a great article in this week’s New York Times Magazine about how easily a kickstarter can go to hell.

Alas, wish we could have chatted about this one before it got the boot:

From another forum, a backer claims to have received this email:

This is a message from Kickstarter’s Integrity team. We’re writing to notify you that the Skarp Laser Razor project has been suspended, and your pledge has been canceled.

After requesting and reviewing additional material from the creator of the project, we’ve concluded that it is in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards. Accordingly, all funding has been stopped and backers will not be charged for their pledges. No further action is required on your part. Suspensions cannot be undone.
We take the integrity of the Kickstarter system very seriously. We only suspend projects when we find evidence that our rules are being violated.
Kickstarter Integrity Team

From what I can tell, a bunch of unshaven men claimed to have invented a laser-powered razor and needed money to, I dunno, build it or something. Nevermind that in the initial pitch you never actually see anyone, you know, shaving with one.

We can only imagine what the CEO of Gillette might have said in response to a laser razor. Remember how he responded when the industry went to four bladed razors?