The King's Man (2020)

February 14, 2020.

Trailer looks fun, I like that they are doing a prequel.

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Holy shit what?!

Before there was the Kingsman, there was the King’s Man. And who else better to play that singular person than Ralph Fiennes ? Fiennes stars as a World War I soldier who helps create the very first independent intelligence agency in The King’s Man , the confusingly titled prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle . The film takes place nearly a century before the events of those films, back in the days of the very first ruthless gentleman spies.

Red band trailer

Yeah that looks great! What a epic fall-winter movie season awaits us!

This. This I shall see. Indeed.

Yeah, I can handle Gemma Atterton, Djimon Honsou, and Daniel Bruhl. And Rhys Ifans as Rasputin is pretty inspired.

Hopefully no scenes where a camera follows fingers into a WAP. And if I hear “manners maketh the man” at any point during the viewing I’m walking out.

Ralph Fiennes in a bowler hat and cane, eh?

You know, Harry Potter series have been my most favorite as a kid. I mean I know this series has been an amazing one for most of the kids but I was kind of obsessed with all. And by all, I literally mean ALL, every character. Ralph Fiennes was one of them. Trust me, my sole inspiration for watching The King’s Man was him. I really loved his look in the movie.

Uhh… what?

Ugh. I liked the first two movies. This was the most disappointing film I’ve seen in a theater in years.

It doesn’t know what it is. It tries to be 1917 and show the horrors of World War I. And intersperses that horrific scenery with the over-the-top fight sequences you’d expect from a Kingsmen movie. It plays ridiculously loose with history and has more plot coincidences than a Dan Brown book and has one of the least convincing family relationships I’ve seen in a long time. There’s almost none of the humor from previous entries in the series.

Some fight scenes were cool, but interspersing them with all the war seriousness made it impossible to get invested in the movie.

Do not risk Omicron to see this. Watch The Nine Kittens of Christmas or something, you’ll get more for your two hours.

Damn… thats disappointing to hear. I really enjoyed the first movie and found the second one to be too over the top and cartooney crazy. Looks like Matthew Vaughn overcorrected here?

Guess I’ll wait for a digital release. Thanks for the headsup!

Sad to hear, I’ll wait for it to stream.

They put out a music video a few days ago.

Watched it and was entertained a lot. Strange movie, though. Sometimes really silly, very serious at other parts. A history mashup where some details are correct and other parts are alternate history stuff.
I read somewhere that Princep had 2 tries to assassinate Franz Ferdinand. First with the bomb, than he fled, took a break in a cafe to eat a bit, then Ferdinand drives by and he shoots him, this time for real. Totally replicated in the movie… and the stories I read about Rasputin and his death, duplicated, too.

I hope they continue with this fake history (they tease it when credits roll).

Not sure for whome this film was made though… but I take it.

There is one thing, I don’t like about it. The villain and his/her motivation is really a weak part of the film. Just silly and disappointing. It does not help that this is the kind of plot, where the villain is revealed in the last 20 minutes or so. I really expected Bruce Willis to show up for his Bruce Willis day paycheck.

I don’t understand, when was it ever great in a dramatic film, to have the villain show up late when most people already think about getting back to their cars, coats etc…

Hitchcock knew better, he just knew it and executed it. If you have a great opponent to the protagonist, then your movie just works. Imagine Frenzy, but the killer shows up at the end as a twist.

And in Kingsman, the guy shows up and his excuse for destroying the world is like the equivalent of slipping on a banana peel.

I watched this movie this morning on HBO Max.

The mishmash between history and their own conspiracy version of history was weird. I felt impatient at times, but fascinated at other times. Overall I enjoyed it. It felt like the movie had a great ending around the 90 minute mark, but in the end I can’t fault the last 40 minutes after that, it made for a fun action adventure.

@newbrof , I was also expecting Bruce Willis at the end. I also hope this gets a sequel set during the World War 2 years.

I haven’t seen this, but I did enjoy how they cast the same actor as Nicholas, Wilhelm, and George.

I see this is on Hulu, gonna watch it later today. Boy was that a fast theater to streaming transition.