The Lamplighters League: Xcom + Indiana Jones by Battletech devs

This game looks really polished. Not sure about the open world real-time and amount of stealth… But it looks really good

So October 3rd according to my Xbox app? I still need to spend more time with Jagged Alliance 3, and pick up Baldur’s Gate 3. Plus Starfield is tomorrow. It looks to be a great Fall for gaming.

I advanced ordered it from Green Man, although it is not the type of game I normally play. Demo out today, the 28th. Unusual for Paradox. I think they have a large amount of confidence in the game. We will see if it is warranted.

I hope this is awesome, but I’m pinching pennies, gp sub lapsed, and I have little time to play anyway.

@Nightgaunt I wish that project of yours would make a surprise comeback. I’d play the heck out of that. Reminds me of the ttrpg TORG, which is a great thing.

I don’t have a strong love of the 1920s-1930s interwar serial look (I’d probably be happy with more Shadowrun) but I’m all in on Harebrained Schemes, so happy to jump into this one!

This looks really cool, but I’m not feeling any excitement about this game for some reason. I think maybe I’m burned out on ‘X-COM likes’, if that’s a thing.

I’m feeling the same way. Between GalCiv IV coming out of EA this month, plus the imminent releases of Hexarchy and Star Trek:Infinite, I feel this can wait for a real deep discount.

How about a 1920s/1930s Shadowrun?!?!

Think that already exists and is called “Lovecraftian” ;).

This is a character failing.

Indeed, I have many! My favorite scene from the Rocketeer though is when the gangsters turn on the Nazis, so hopefully I’m still redeemable.

The committee of arbitrary triggercut nonsense have ruled in your favor here. ;)

I’m fine with that. Now, if you say that you also enjoy the president’s “Independence Day” speech in the movie that goes by the same name, that’s where I draw the line! ;)

Early reviews look iffy. An Xbox review mentioned that the game could be pretty great, but that there were a bunch of bugs in the xbox version.

Oh come on! It’s one of the great American presidential speeches! Up there with the Gettysburg Address, We Go to the Moon, and American Carnage.

On a serious note, I’m unable to download the Steam demo due to a license error. Hopefully they get that fixed soon, I’d like to check this out.

Have the same steam demo issue. Apparently the demo is working on epic, but haven’t tried downloading it myself

ACG’s review is “wait for a sale” - he said the game is really enjoyable but there were a number of technical issues, and he felt it needed some optimization.

This is the same demo they had before? The first 2 missions basically?

How dare you, sir

Eh, complaining about performance feels a bit performative, like what you do as an influencer type. It looks really good to me. Battletech (the previous game) was like running on Excel Macros or something, the ‘performance’ was kind of terrible, but who cares (as long as its not crashing) for the kind of game it is. If you approach Harebrained games like they are triple AAA, 400mm dollar games, you’re not really looking at them for what they are. And that’s totally fair! A eurodollar is a eurodollar is a eurodollar! But if maximizing the value is the only consideration, there are many Activition and Ubisoft games out there waiting for you. But if you’re tired of Ubi-vision style games as being too soulless, you’re going to have to pay a bit of a premium and accept a bit of jank.