The Last Duel - Affleck and Damon Reunite to Tackle #MeToo in 14th Century France

Ridley Scott directing, releases October 15.

Affleck must be hiding under a lot of makeup in that trailer; I only spotted Matt Damon with a ridiculous beard and Kylo Ren, unchanged from his last movie.

I wonder if, in the movie and in the actual duel, the attending crowd were nudging each other and spouting lines like “Take a good look, kids! This’ll be the last trial by combat in this kingdom ever.”

It looks good! I hope it’s as good as Ridley’s director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven. And yet there’s something a little unseemly by wanting to be in that crowd of onlookers. It reminds me of those ghastly postcards of crowds at American lynchings. But of course, as opposed to a lynching, both of the combatants in this bloodsport want to be there.

Ridley Scott doing another sumptuous historical epic? I’m in.

Does Ridley Scott have a thing for duels? I quite like The Duellists.

Just hair dye.


I’m in.

And that was his first movie… I wonder if he’s going to retire after this? Bookend his career with duelling movies? He is like 83, which isn’t ancient but directing is a rigorous profession…

Wow I had no idea he was that old. I can’t imagine traipsing about directing at 83. But I suppose on the flipside this is his last chance to give us more of his works of art, so if he’s up for making more movies, I’m certainly up for watching them.

He’s releasing two features this year within the space of a couple of months, The Last Duel and one about the murder of the head of the fashion house Gucci, both starring Adam Driver. He must have Clint Eastwood energy or the best AD in the world. I think this is the first film that Affleck and Damon have written together since Goodwill Hunting. Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said) has a credit too, which is rather intriguing.

I also thought about this, but none of the interviews I’ve read or watched in the recent past had any retirement vibes to them. Also, if he intended to retire, I think the studio would make that part of the marketing of the movie.