The Last Game You Will Ever Need

So there was a rocket at the end of that trailer. Does that denote spaceships?

This game is coming to Xbox & PC Gamepass too.

“I attack the lettuce!”

I can’t believe it’s real and not an elaborate troll.

Isn’t there a “ruin a game with a single letter” thread around here somewhere?

I was expecting some kind of joke from the thread title, but after watching that trailer, I just have to say: holy shit! The thread title seems very serious and appropriate.

So, what genre is this game?

Star Citizen?

  1. “Hey, let’s make a game that merges Breath of the Wild, Factorio, Minecraft, Terraria, Pokemon, Tony Hawk’s, Akira, Fortnite and Hunipop, and also let’s use conveyor belts to drop live cows into a giant cauldron!”
  2. ???

Haha, this GIF on the Steam page!

They’re shameless, aren’t they? ;)

Wow, I’ll have to add Fortnite to that list above, it seems.

i came to rewrite the gaming universe with fellow qt3ers once again, but I just stepped on a Rei topic :(


I’ll try this. Either awful or amazing, and both of those are interesting enough to play.

Nice, another game that will be in Early Access forever.

Honestly rooting for Nintendo (or anyone else they stole from) to obliterate this from orbit.

They didn’t steal from anyone, I don’t think. Anyone can take ideas and implement them. And in fact, most games do take inspiration from other games.

That said, this goes perhaps a bit too far. ;)

They stole from everyone :)