The Last Game You Will Ever Need

Ho ho.

I’m going to say that I meant to do that. :)

Still, I’d rather have my arm ripped off by a crocodile than get stung by a gympie-gympie. That shit is nasty! And you don’t get a cool story to go with it.

…not helpful

Really thought this was gonna be about Dreams or something. Anyhow @rei , may want to rename with the game name in the thread title if there’s ever to be actual discussion about this specific game or I can almost guarantee a new thread will be created, heck my MLB The Show 2021 thread had the name in the title and @jpinard still made a new thread! So eh, maybe don’t bother with the rename…

I see this thread in the proud tradition of that unhelpfully named Trails in the Sky thread, which is the best-titled thread on this forum despite some admittedly stiff competition. Which unfortunately looks to have sold out at some point and added Trails in the Sky to the title.

I believe the intention here is “it’s ALL the genres!”

I don’t know if it’s technically possible to extract things like animations from Switch or Wii U games, but it sure looks like they lifted some entirely from Breath of the Wild, in addition to the general aping of its style in many ways. I mean come on, the hang-gliders?

I have had this game on my wishlist for quite a while. I think the most common criticism is that it has a wide variety of mechanics that are each very shallow. Its trying to do everything under the sun.

My expectation is that they will never pull it off and it will be in EA until they run out of money and release it in whatever state it will be in. Id love to be wrong about that.

It’s not like that slaw is going to make itself. Chop chop!

This being on gamepass is awesome, becaue I feel like this game is gonna be terrible, but I will absolutely try it for free.

Agreed. And normally I’m very annoyed when Game Pass adds things that are in Early Access, because I’d rather there be a big release upon … well, release. But in this case, I agree with the posters above that this is likely to be forever in early access so I’m okay with just experiencing it on Game Pass as a work in progress.

So in the parlance of LotR, we’re expecting this will become one game to be ruled by them all?

Given that at one point the trailer showed you can build a robot to chop cabbage (and harvest other farm produce) for you…perhaps the slaw will make itself?

This seems like 4 or 5 games I would probably enjoy stuffed into a single game, which I probably then wouldn’t enjoy because it was too busy. So I’ll wait and see what the early adopters say.

A sandbox ruined by arpg mechanics? :)

But is it a roguelite? I’ll bet it is.

That was my take, and I guess if they pull it off it will be awesome?

I haven’t played this for a while but it came out into early access a few months ago and I thought we had a thread then? Maybe not.

It’s a pretty fun mashup of a game. Definitely worth trying. Whatever you do, don’t push the tutorial people into the water …

On sale on Steam.