The Last Kingdom BBC series, based on the Cornwell books

I’m very interested in a Winter King series. In my mind, the most interesting casting announcement will not be who they cast for big names like Arthur, Gwyhyfar, Merlin or Cornwell’s protagonist of Derfel Cadarn. Instead, I’m VERY interested in who they cast as Nimue. Nimue is a key dramatic component of the series.

The first book in the series is actually included on Kindled Unlimited.

Winter King is one of the most unique and best retellings of the King Arthur legend in any medium. I don’t expect miracles, but if they can manage to do as good an adaption as The Last Kingdom does of it’s books, this will be brilliant. Fingers crossed.

Cornwell himself considers the trilogy his best and favorite piece of work. I concur.

Finally started watching this and wow if the rest of the seasons are as good as the first this might be up there alongside Game of Thrones/HotD for me. So enjoyable and well written/cast! The chemistry and charisma of like, every character on this show is so great. And I don’t even know any of these actors so there is no immersion breakage, they just are these characters.

Love this show. It’s a family meme at this point.

Uhtred son of Uhtred on his path to Bebbanburg, where Destiny is All!

I enjoyed the middle seasons the best. The first is “Uhtred does something rash, gets in trouble. Uhtred does something heroic, gets back in good with the King” repeated over and over. Then by the last season the main plot points were also getting pretty predictable.

Hah, so true. The guy is so stupid, but I like it because other characters call him out on it and make fun of him for it so it works.

Oh gosh that series is much better than dumb Uthred. It’s overall the same story but it’s tighter, and the mythical King Arthur is really interesting

Nooooo Leofric and Iseult I was hoping they would make it through :(

I was completely fed up with AC Valhalla but this show makes me want to reinstall it again…

And Aelfred the Great is gone… What a brilliant performance.

Does anyone know when this movie is coming?

I agree 100% it was amazing. He acted the shit out of that role and deserved some awards/recognition.

Welp. That went by quickly. For me, this show was overall a masterpiece. Looking forward to the movie and eventually full rewatch in half a decade or so.
Now, to binge all kinds of interviews with its creators.