The Last Kingdom BBC series, based on the Cornwell books


Uthred should renounce his oath to the king, recruit infantry from the Kingdom of Nords (or maybe some heavy cavalry from Swadia), and start taking over castles. The way he’s going now will take him forever to become king. Can’t wait till he participates in a tournament and makes some money.


He’s not really looking at becoming king.

— Alan


My wife and I were riveted this week during the witan.


Yikes the Witan was very tense. Also: I could have sworn that was Ray Fiennes as Skorpa of the White Horse.

— Alan


Without me even realizing it, this show has quickly become the show I look forward to the most each week. This last episode was intense.


This! The first 2 episodes were kinda slow but after that it really picked up and i can’t wait for last episode, best show right now!


If this doesn’t get renewed for a second season, I’m going to be crushed. That was a pretty moving finale, even if it did feel a bit rushed in places.


I thought the whole season felt rushed. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just felt like a lot happened in that first season. If it were the Walking Dead it would have taken 3 Seasons to get through all that.


Season finale was amazing. Great battle scene. This show is the only show I know where the political/talking scenes are the most riveting and stressful. This had better get renewed for another couple seasons, this was the best show I’ve watched in awhile.


Came in here to chime in the same thing - that last episode was one of the best hours I’ve ever seen on TV. This show is outstandingly well done.


Loved the overhead view of the shield wall advancing across a field with bright red spots of blood.

And Ray Fiennes is a bastard for doing that to Iseult!


Agreed, the season finale was amazing. It says a lot about this show that the scene where the weasely son was talking in the great hall and Alfred was in disguise was every bit as exciting and tense as the battle scene later on. They crammed the content of the first two books into one 8 episode season, so it was going to feel rushed. They also changed the story quite a bit, combining characters in some places and totally skipping pieces of the plot in others, and yet it was brilliant and compelling storytelling, and the end result is we are exactly where readers would be after finishing Book 2. I loved it.

This had damn well better get a Season Two.


I didn’t realize this was the finale at first, so was a bit surprised when it became clear they were going to do the battle in the last 10 minutes of the show. Still, it was fantastic. I really hope this gets a second season, partly because I’m curious what they’ll do next. I looked up a little on the history of the period and things get, well, a little boring as far a Alfred and the Danes go after this.


Eh, I don’t think you looked that hard, things get a lot more interesting for sure :)

— Alan


Haha fair enough, I did only take 5 minutes or so.


I need a gif of the shield walls seperating and the pools of blood on the ground.

Great finale.


How would someone watch this who doesn’t get BBC America (for some stupid reason)?


When will they make the decision?


you can watch it through not really legal online streaming sites which is what I do for shows I don’t have access to such as this one


Amazon is streaming it.