The Last Kingdom BBC series, based on the Cornwell books


Wow, didn’t realize this. I’ll have to remember that for season 2.


BBC hasn’t announced anything yet, potentially because in the UK the BBC is airing the show 2 weeks behind BBC America, so they have yet to air the finale yet.

— Alan


Thank you Alan. I’ll cross my fingers.


Hmm, It is on Amazon but I can’t stream it and I have Prime. I can purchase it per episode. Bummer. Maybe I will just find the DVD set for it.


Oh yeah, on Amazon it’s pay per episode. Considering that Netflix has a deal with the BBC, you may see it on there in a few months.

— Alan


Well, this turned out to be a decent enough series. Still not my favorite Cornwell book series (mainly because Uthred is a bit too Mary Jane), but the Beeb did a good job in condensing everything down into a nicely-paced, straightforward thud & blunder potboiler.

Except for Alfred. Surely not Alfred the Great; Doctor Sagan the Great AMIRITE


It’s on iTunes. Should be able to watch it on Mac, PC, or iOS. No Android though.


Good news! Season 2 has been ordered. However, do not expect it to air before 2017.

— Alan


Hurray! Though 2017 is disappointing.


Yes! Yeah too bad we have to wait, but I’ll take it.


This just released on Netflix (Canada, at least) and I’ve just watched the first one. While its certainly entertaining to see a lot of danish actors, Ragnar (Lord)'s English is horrible! How can you guys stand that? Thankfully the other real Danes I spotted are way better.

The show itself looks awesome so far! Really looking forward to digging into it.



What’s the thinking behind the delay? Scheduling issues?


Wow, that is one hell of a long delay. While I am glad the series will be back, and I totally understand that shooting a production like Last Kingdom takes a lot of time and money, I do wish the BBC was more like conventional networks and had planned for a second season before the first ever aired. I guess they figured a show about Vikings featuring prominent moments in English history and a story filled with violence, war, honor, revenge, love, lust and betrayal might not appeal to the masses. I mean, look how poorly Vikings and Game of Thrones are doing on their respective networks. ;-)


I don’t think it’s anything too pressing beyond scheduling and production issues. The BBC waited til it had all of its numbers in, and I’ve read from some places that the ratings weren’t completely great or anything. Filming is also done I believe in eastern Europe, meaning they probably can’t start up until the summer while also having to avoid Euro 2016 complications.

— Alan


I had all eight episodes stored on the Tivo and watched every one of them on Monday (unfortunately BBC America for us is not a HD channel.) Probably better ways to spend a day off but hell I’d do it again. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Too bad it’s only eight episodes and another year before season two. I think I’m going to need to read the books.


Saw this on Netflix and really enjoyed it. Nothing great, but man was it fun television.

Since I’ve quite the wait until season 2, anyone care to comment on the worthwhileness of the books?


They’re generally pretty good, though they get a little repetitive in plot with a few variations. The historical period and general descriptions of the events that transpire make it more than worthwhile though.

— Alan


Are the historical events accurate, or is it like Conn Iggulden, where you can’t take anything at face value? (Magic healing priests, samurais in combat vs roman soldiers and so on).


Pfft. Godless pagan Dane…

(Sorry dude. I just HAD to…;))


:-D Its an rather interesting experiences to watch a show, where the very first sentence spoken, is someone cursing the plowing Danes, or something to that effect!