The Last Kingdom BBC series, based on the Cornwell books


Arselings! Do they not know that Destiny Is All?!

Glad to see that Netflix stepped up and will give us Season Three. Also happy to see that it’s one of the least expensive shows in their stable, as that means it doesn’t have to be a Game of Thrones sized success to get continued investment. I have really enjoyed the TV version of the Saxon Tales and would like to see it continued through all the books.


Season 3 is coming soon!

— Alan


On a somewhat related note, book 11 came out last week. It sounds like there might be 1 more book before the series is done.


Thanks. Good to hear. Oops that was for A Dunkin.


November 19th is the release date for Season 3.

— Alan


I finally got around to watching the second season of this, and really enjoyed it! Maybe I didn’t watch the first season in the same frame of mind, but I enjoyed it the second season more. I think it really helps for a TV series to be based on a large series of books, where the TV writers can take from it liberally at will and aren’t hurting for content. The season just felt like alot was happening every episode, it never felt like it dragged (much like, ahem, a number of other Netflix TV series).

Looking forward to the third season!


Just after watching the first 15 or so minutes of the new season just reinforces how much I love this show. Some time has passed since the second season and you definitely see the evolution and maturation of various characters.

Also FYI the third season is 10 instead of 8 episodes. I’ve seen some articles that seem to indicate that Netflix has put a lot more resources into the show–can’t say for certain whether or not it shows just yet but it kinda seems a lot bloodier.

— Alan

edit: finished first episode. Best looking battle the show has yet to produce. I was surprised they got to it so fast.


Second episode kinda goes off the rails…

— Alan


I’m 4 episodes in and I’m so into this show. It feels like they’re covering 2 books a season the way the story arcs are playing out. So that major event in the 2nd episode is just moving things along.

I have to say I do like the character of Skade and her role is interesting, but I hate the actress playing her. She is awful, and she looks like she’s 15. That’s the only thing I’m hung up on.


Admittedly I binged the entire season and finished up yesterday afternoon. I liked it over all, and am a little surprised about what they did with some of the characters. I think I know why because the period of history between seasons 2 and 3 and what would be a fourth are quite a few years. And they swing these character changes into the major plot threads, but there’s also more than one character that is completely re-written and re-imagined. Alfred in episode 9 is quite amazing.

— Alan


Looking forward to watching this next week, too much work to do until then and I know we’ll want to binge watch it! Enjoyed the first two seasons a lot, really felt they could have promoted this a lot better and made it a viable “non-magic” alternative to GoT. But I’m just glad we got another season at least.


Just finished episode 5 (I think). VERY big surprise there. I am bummed.


I think I understand why they did that (and other changes that kinda make me not happy) but yeah I was surprised. And a bummer.

— Alan


I hope there’s a season 4! This show is fantastic.

So here’s a fun story. A guy in my D&D group made it on to Jeopardy at the beginning of the month. He was in the game and got the daily double in double jeopardy. He’s telling us the story about how he bet it all and lost it to this question, and as he’s telling us the clue (like as if no way you fools woulda got this) he says, “King of Wessex, this great…” and I go, “Who is Alfred the Great!”

Dude is all “wtf” and I say while you’re busy studying I’m watching Last Kingdom on Netflix.

Here’s the episode. Skip to 14:00 to watch my buddy lose everything because he didn’t listen to me and watch this show.


Yeah I’m up to ep4, there’s some real headscratchers. It feels like GOT when they deviated off the books.


Ouch! Poor guy didn’t even get to stick around for final Jeopardy. Charlemagne was a decent guess though, given he was also referred to as Charles the Great and held power around roughly the same time (about 75 years prior to Alfred). Not in England though.

The lady at the end though, betting her entire stake while already in the lead…then nailing it with her answer. That was epic. I hope she went on to win again after that.


That was epic, you could feel the weight of the island on their shoulders. I was even moved to sadness when he passed.


I’ve read all 10 books, couldn’t care less they’re deviating. Honestly, after this much time and so many books, I hardly noticed. I thought season 3 was just fantastic.


I feel the same way. I love the books, but much as with Game of Thrones, I don’t expect the series to adhere strictly to the novels, but rather be a retelling of the basic story in a different way that is optimized for the media in which it’s presented. I think Last Kingdom has done a fantastic job of this so far. All the things I love about the books are present in the show, but it’s not just a straight retelling, there is more than enough difference in content to make for a completely unique and compelling viewing experience.

I really hope this show gets greenlit for more seasons.


Somewhat related, has anyone read the new book yet? I’m thinking about grabbing it from my library this weekend however I’ll probably have to find a book 10 recap first online.