The Last Legion

Trailer here :

Can’t decide if this looks good or not. It has potential, but some of the stuff in the trailer scares me (mostly the jokey scenes). I’m thinking it has the look and feel of “King Arthur”, which wasn’t a bad film if you went into it expecting more actiony content and not historical relevance.

As a bonus, it’s got Aishwarya Rai, who is absolutely stunning most of the time.

When I first read that summary blurb, I thought that Romulus Augustulus was looking for a legion of superheroes.

Boy am I disappointed.


Hmm… On the positive side, the director storyboarded Army of Darkness and episodes of Transformers. However, my early warning systems are tripped by the casting of Ben Kingsley’s son and Dino de Laurentiis’ grandson. The trailer itself looks like King Arthur Meets The Thirteenth Warrior, with a dash of Cutthroat Island tossed into the middle.

Huh… “at the height of the Roman empire” (from trailer)?? Except that Romus Augustus was the last Emperor, no? And why would he even go to Britain if the empire at the time of the WRE’s collapse Britain hadn’t been part of WRE for a long time?

Strikes historical inaccurateness to me, plus it picks quite possibly the worst timeframe of the Roman Empire, its fall, almost as embarassing as when the Turks took Constatinople.

Why not cover the events of Belisarius instead, which gained the ERE back Rome?

Because this isn’t a movie about the actual history, it’s a place to set an adventure tale. The story chose the backdrop, not the other way around. They aren’t looking to cover events. Belisarius wouldn’t have a boy emporer to save, a horde of advancing Barbarians to run from, or a Britian to run to, i.e. not the movie they wanted to make. While that is an interesting tale to tell, it’s not what this movie is about at all.

I liked the synopsis of the story but after watching the trailer I have almost no hope this will be anything other than a nice Sunday afternoon movie on HBO for me.