The Last of Us 2 - Hopefully Ellie Can Swim Now

That was always more in the nature of an incantation than an observation, but is this game really “woke”? Is it just the relationship between the two girls?

This will get a little into spoilers


Both playable characters Ellie and Abby are women. There’s a very important non-playable character, Lev, that is transgender. Lev is to Abby roughly what Ellie was to Joel in the first game. Ellie is queer. Abby is very muscular with a body builder physique not your typical Hollywood strong but sexy, she very much looks like she could kick the shit out of most of the men in the game.

I gotcha. I must admit, after reading about (in this thread? The other?) who Abby was supposedly based on, looking her up, then reading about how Ellie (who decidedly does not look anything like that) apparently kicks her ass hardcore, I raised an eyebrow.

It all makes sense in game there are circumstances.

Of course most of the deplorables reacting negatively haven’t and will never play the game. They just get their orders from 8chan or wherever and brigade their way to a 0 Metacritic score.

Ooof. I’ll be processing that one for some time.

If you are taking about the voice actor for Abby, Laura Bailey is very well known by D&D fans, as she is part of the famous Critical Role cast. They are pretty much all voice actors playing together, and the quality of their characterisations when they play D&D along with the quality of the adventures have made them household names in many countries.

Regarding the spoiler, I meant Jeffrey Wright as Isaac. I would have rather had that as a surprise.

The awesome Noah Caldwell-Gervais just released his 2 hour retrospective of both games and it was a great watch. Full spoilers in the video for both games (obv.).

Hands up if you in any way expected people to use the guitars in the game to create something awesome. Nothing majorly spoiler-y, but tagging it for people who want to discover the small neat surprise for themselves.

That’s cool!

This doesn’t even cover everything. Stop at 24 to avoid spoilers as 25 is more of a plot detail thing.

I know the first game is playable on PC under PS Now or whatever that’s called. Any chance the sequel will turn up one day?

Yea, my wife gave me this for my birthday! Got to play an hour today.

I normally don’t use headphones, my PC and PS4 are hooked up to surround sound. Are games like TLoU2 actually better with headphones? Is there a setting that has audio optimized for headphones?

If it matters I have the HyperX Cloud 2 head phones.


This is a hard game to jump into after taking a multi month break. I kept getting slaughtered by men with dogs. I couldn’t switch weapons or do melee attacks, I just kept floundering when under pressure. I finally started to remember the buttons again and made it through that section.

I can name very, very few games I could jump right back into after a break.

I finally got my footing again. I’m finding this game hard. I’m playing on hard, but I think my inability to aim well with a game pad may make me drop down to normal. Maybe there is some aim assist setting I can change too. I just love how TLoU games make me feel like I’m in the middle of a zombie apocalypse scrounging abandoned buildings for much needed ammo and resources. Even if not as good as the first, I think this is one of the best games I’ve played this year.

There is a setting that puts you in slow motion mode when aiming a firearm. Made that part of the game much easier for me.

That sounds helpful, thanks!