The Last of Us 2 - Hopefully Ellie Can Swim Now

Regarding the spoiler, I meant Jeffrey Wright as Isaac. I would have rather had that as a surprise.

The awesome Noah Caldwell-Gervais just released his 2 hour retrospective of both games and it was a great watch. Full spoilers in the video for both games (obv.).

Hands up if you in any way expected people to use the guitars in the game to create something awesome. Nothing majorly spoiler-y, but tagging it for people who want to discover the small neat surprise for themselves.

That’s cool!

This doesn’t even cover everything. Stop at 24 to avoid spoilers as 25 is more of a plot detail thing.

I know the first game is playable on PC under PS Now or whatever that’s called. Any chance the sequel will turn up one day?

Yea, my wife gave me this for my birthday! Got to play an hour today.

I normally don’t use headphones, my PC and PS4 are hooked up to surround sound. Are games like TLoU2 actually better with headphones? Is there a setting that has audio optimized for headphones?

If it matters I have the HyperX Cloud 2 head phones.