The Last of Us 2 - Hopefully Ellie Can Swim Now

Early 2020 it seems…

Jason Schreier was right on. February 21st, 2020.

Check out the Collector’s Edition ($170) there.

And Gamestop also has the Ellie Edition ($230).

The Last of Us Part II Ellie Edition includes the following content:

The Last of Us Part II Logo Patch
7” Vinyl Record featuring Music from the Original Soundtrack
Replica of Ellie’s Backpack
48 Page Mini Art Book from Dark Horse
SteelBook Case with Full Game
12” Ellie Statue
Lithograph Art Print and Thank You letter
Replica of Ellie’s Bracelet
Set of 6 Enamel Pins

Previews should be live now - embargo lifted 20 minutes ago. I’ll update with links.


IGN VIdeo:


Game Informer:

No multiplayer mode confirmed by Sony and Druckmann.

Thank goodness.

May 2020.

And just like that Q1 2020 is almost empty again.

This is just speculation, but worth sharing, perhaps.

Fantastic! Hopefully they port the first game too, I always wanted to play it, but not enough to buy an entire console.

All that’s left is Spider-Man and I have no lingering guilt about skipping the PS4 entirely!

That’s a bit of a stretch. Naughty Dog also houses Sony’s skunkworks graphics ICE research team that build tools for other developers to use and they could easily be looking for people to help them develop good porting practices for games using nVidia ray tracing hardware on PC to the PS5’s ray tracing solution, or other things of that nature.

Yes, yes, hold the game back until we have less time available to play it!

Yeah, that truly does make no sense at all.

Holding back movies, that I get. Box office, theaters, they’re a thing. But not video games. Now is probably the best time to launch a major videogame in the history of the world.

I wonder how much of a Corona-bump Animal Crossing got.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect game for people stuck at home dealing with anxiety.

I wonder if it’s the record unemployment. I imagine a lot of their target audience might not want to spring for a $60 game. Which then leads to bad launch numbers. Maybe a difficulty with support lines if they go down with the virus.

That said, dammit, I was looking forward to this one.

Animal Crossing had the advantage that all the physical copies had been produced and distributed before the gate slammed shut on so many industries.

Yeah, I hadn’t thought of general distribution chains still disrupted.

This isn’t helping the old meme about how Sony AAA games are all interactive movies.

Big time spoilers on the loose - I didn’t play the first one and probably won’t play this one, but if you’re interested in playing watch your step out there.