The Last of Us 2 - Hopefully Ellie Can Swim Now

Just finished it. WOW! This game is much longer than the first one… well maybe like by ten hours. It took me a little over 30.

Games definitely worth the 60 bux. Its very tight and if you like narrative games where they put ALOT into them, ie the first Last of Us or the GTA/RDR games… yes this is a must buy.

The axe to grind people can stfu, yes the games not GOAT! but its hell worth the time.

I will just say I was surprised with the new characters and I frankly liked them more than the originals. I’m still raw from the ending… was definitely a journey…

I think I’m about halfway based on chapter titles and agree so far.

One thing I haven’t seen addressed: Do we know if real people were used as the basis for all these characters? I swear I have seen Abby before but damn if I can figure out where. Closest i can come to is Orange is the new black…

I did look up on the cast on IMDb (avoid doing so if you really don’t want any spoilers) and I didn’t recognize her from anything. Seems to mainly be a video game voice actor.

For anyone obsessed with getting every collectible, don’t sweat it if you miss some going through. You can play each chapter later and it even tells you exactly what type/amount of collectible you’re missing. You can quit the chapter as soon as you find it and it’ll still count. You’ll need to reload your completed game afterwards though, unless I’m missing a better method.

I saw a snippet somewhere where at least physically she was modeled off of some big time crossfit/instagram person. Colleen Fotsch.

I’m not sure if she actually did the motion capture or if she was just used as a basis.

The voice actor is very different than the game character body.


When is Naughty Dog gonna release there games on pc. I still would ultimately prefer mouse keyboard for replay…also mods on pc.

I’m thinkin’ maybe I should pick this up, play it and sell it for a decent price. Then I get to play it quicker than waiting for a sale, but end up paying a sale price.

So much for “get woke go broke” 4M copies sold through in the first 3 days.

Getting close to the end of the game, but staying out of the spoiler thread for now to avoid any ending surprises. This game is pretty great, and even though it’s a pretty slim field this year, it’s definitely going to be one of my favorites of 2020. It’s also pretty astonishing to see the salt mine surrounding this thing. Part of me just wants to finish the thing so I can discuss.

Credits roll. 8 nights of playing (compared to 7 years for the first one). Headed to the spoiler thread…

I had assumed game studios had to pay for the rights to use someone’s likeness but Ellie was a swipe of Ellen Page without her permission and they modified her very slightly after Ellen complained. The voice is the youngest daughter on Family Ties. ND also uses the face of another actress for the villain in Uncharted without her knowledge.

BioWare I assume paid to use the Dutch male model’s head for Shepard.

That was always more in the nature of an incantation than an observation, but is this game really “woke”? Is it just the relationship between the two girls?

This will get a little into spoilers


Both playable characters Ellie and Abby are women. There’s a very important non-playable character, Lev, that is transgender. Lev is to Abby roughly what Ellie was to Joel in the first game. Ellie is queer. Abby is very muscular with a body builder physique not your typical Hollywood strong but sexy, she very much looks like she could kick the shit out of most of the men in the game.

I gotcha. I must admit, after reading about (in this thread? The other?) who Abby was supposedly based on, looking her up, then reading about how Ellie (who decidedly does not look anything like that) apparently kicks her ass hardcore, I raised an eyebrow.

It all makes sense in game there are circumstances.

Of course most of the deplorables reacting negatively haven’t and will never play the game. They just get their orders from 8chan or wherever and brigade their way to a 0 Metacritic score.

Ooof. I’ll be processing that one for some time.

If you are taking about the voice actor for Abby, Laura Bailey is very well known by D&D fans, as she is part of the famous Critical Role cast. They are pretty much all voice actors playing together, and the quality of their characterisations when they play D&D along with the quality of the adventures have made them household names in many countries.