The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else


It deserves much more than 8.5. Games just don't get better than this one.
Reviewer is full of s***. It's not because you suck at gaming that the game is flawed.


You really haven't been paying attention to the story if you call it formulaic.
It's one of the most gripping and amazing stories ever told. How Joel decided that humanity could go f*** itself to save "his daughter."


Giving a great game a bad review for traffic?


The high scores just show how mindless the average gamer has become. It's like your standard driver who values having bluetooth connectivity and a moonroof reviewing a supercar made for the track.

The replay value is trash. The DVD the game is on itself is more cutscene files than anything else. Respect to the reviewer for actually having a gaming background. It's like people forget about Deus Ex, Fallout, Half-Life, Battlefield, RE, etc when you show them some high production values and good lighting. It's the kind of game I'd rather be able to alt-tab out of cutscenes and actually do something interesting.

It's fine and nothing more, another CGI film that you'll forget about 15 minutes after playing.


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It's not the Sahara in Uncharted 3; it's the Rub' al Khali.


Nintendo Sux


You have good points, but the Last of Us isn't just a game where you move from cutscene to cutscene. The AI is sophisticated (save for a few hiccups here and there), and the encounters, to me, were tense and incredibly fun. There's nothing like taking out a whole group of armed men with a bow from the shadows, or sneaking up behind a clicker and stabbing it to death. Just because the mainstream media happens to like a game doesn't make it bad, and their opinions aren't any more or less valid than yours. In the end you should form your own opinions, but saying the last of us is a game where you simply point the joystick foreward is utterly wrong.


DVD? HAHAHAHAHAH! PS3 games are not on DVDs. they are on Blue Ray disc. DVD and Blue Ray are two different formats.


This site make me laugh, the piece of Shit Driv3r: San Fransicso got a higher score than this awesome game. Who is the 12 year old who writes this stuff?


I agree 100 percent with this review. I was really looking forward to playing this game and my buddy brought his ps3 over so we could go through it together. I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. The story is pretty good. The voice acting and visuals are wonderful. I also like the concept of fungi zombies as this is based loosely on a real world fungus which infects ants. With that said, the gameplay is incredibly clunky and frustrating which is a shame for such an otherwise good game. There is a huge amount of trial and error in many of the sequences. This may be as a result of my sucking with a controller but I honestly think the gameplay just kind of sucks. There are plenty of AI and graphical bugs that should also not be present in such a high profile game. Too many find an object to climb with type puzzles as well. I'm going to finish the game as I'm somewhat invested in the characters now and I can't let the irritation and frustration I've experienced be for nothing. I will say though that the idea of just watching a let's play video is a more appealing idea at this juncture. Good review. Let the haters hate.


There is a Wikipedia page about Tom Chick, and it says he is known for hating on great games (he said Deus Ex was only 90% bad in a June 2000 interview) and liking mediocre games (aka he tries to be different from other reviewers).


Having played the game extensively now for the past few months, and writing my own review about it ( I feel as if I can confidently say this from one reviewer to the next:

You should not be reviewing videogames.

Maybe you are decent at reviewing other things, but if you really believe that The Last of Us is anything less than a miraculous step forward for the medium as a whole, then you really don't/can't appreciate gaming in a mature fashion. People often say that opinions are personal and can't be wrong...I think this review might be one case where your opinion is in fact incorrect. Stand by it if you want, but personally I think you were 100% fishing for those controversial hits. And if that's the case, shame on you for not giving the phenomenal team at Naughty Dog every bit of praise and credit they deserve. You can bet that I will never trust or click on another review from this site again after this comment.


Go back to your cave and practice, troll. You're being too obvious


Maybe don't play it on easy mode?

I've been playing on Survivor and I've been getting outsmarted, flanked, surrounded, and rushed in nearly every encounter.

Same with Far Cry 3. Sure there are some segments where it's clear as to how to get by, but I found the enemies quite intelligent on the Harder difficulties.

Just curious, if The Last of Us is "highly overrated", what game this year has been better? Sorry for being an asshole, but you also seem to just be trolling for clicks on your "review"


Gregg, Tom, polysix stop trying to be hipsters. "You do seem to hate a lot of things, and the bottom of your pants are awful tight...I bet you hate movies that are universally loved.." -Craig, (This Is The End)
E: Oh yeah and one of ya'll said something about story not counting (Which is why people Should by games for anyway; another medium for storytelling) and blah blah interactions/gameplay need to have more weight, well I hope you don't compare this game to any shooter that has you pressing one button the whole time R1/RT, plus suck story most always.
LE: Also I didn't read your whole review Tom, too negative I almost cut my throat after the first few paragraphs. And I'm on my third play-through (Survivor+) started this morning and already at the Dam, 5 hours so it shouldn't put off anyone, who is good anyway, Mister Most Games Are 8 Hours (and that's how long it took you to get past Bill and get to the 'fun', polysix) It's a serious game for serious gamers.


I don't really know why suddenly a game with a mixture of gameplay sections and cutscenes isn't a real game anymore. If that definition would be an indicator for something that isn't a game then 90% of all videogames wouldn't be videogames. Besides I needed 16 hours for my first playthrough and all the cutscenes together are about 4 hours long. So it's much more playing than watching actually.


And the scores that are just mediocre are 100% credible?


Frankly, I thought it was a brilliant game and I spent at least 40+hours replaying the story and countless hours online. It's cute how you try to go out of your way to bash every corner of the game, but where's your game you developed? We will wait and see what you produce, let's see you do it better =)