The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else


Described with perfection what I felt playing. The gameplay it's just an excuse because Naughty Dog wet dreams is to do an animation movie, but Sony don't let they do what they want, because Sony need more and more games.


I'm convinced Gregg and polysix are alt accounts of Tom


So GameSpot and Polygon are credible then


Honestly. You're not respecting anyone's opinion either. You're just trashing anyone who is disagreeing with Tom. You're telling people to grow up, but you're behind your keyboard just drilling anyone who's pissed that Tom didn't review the game well. You're right down there with the rest of them. As for the review, he didn't even know that there is a legit fungus that infects many different types of insects, and makes fun of the enemy design. C'mon.


game of the year D


He gave it 3 out of 5? What a fool...


The gameplay in this game basically amounted to a sloppier version of Uncharted trying to also be an adventure game, go back to playing other generic console games you fucking moron bitch.


Reading your other posts you come across as such an arrogant loud mouth bitch, no wonder you think the Last of Us was such an amazing game you pompous idiot. Go back to thinking The walking dead is the best show ever and Breaking Bad was underrated, you stupid mindless twat woman who thinks she some individual when she's just a fucking annoyance.


Wow how dare he have an opinion, I personally think the game is terrible, emotion over any substance and it does not even get that right.


False on all my opinion, the review is his opinion therefore not stupid you just disagree with it, see how that works?


Moan Moan, "how dare he be mean about something I like" do be quiet


a video about the poor AI in the last of us

not to mention the large quantities of enemies you have to fight about halfway in the game and on. Thats not survival thats uncharted or tombraider gameplay


Can´t wait for this game on PS4!!! A masterpiece Tommy boy!!! A masterpiece!!!


After doing some research and looking over at some playthroughs, I finally decided to pick this game up at a GameStop last week. I've invested nearly 15 hours worth into this game on normal difficulty and so far I've really fallen in love with every moment. No regrets, whatsoever.

The gameplay is just plain awesome. Perhaps the style is an acquired taste but I found it to be extremely tense and exciting. Just because The Last of Us chooses to have a cinematic and dramatic driven storyline doesn't take away from the actual gameplay or make it less of a game in its own right.

Playing this game is indescribable and I think this is what people who have not experienced it need to understand. Take it for what you will but The Last of Us is WIDELY considered as one of the best games in 2013; if not, one of the best games of this generation. Opinions differ but it is undeniable that the Last of Us can be considered as a great title. Excuse me if I'm wrong but I believe that it is also the most awarded game in history. Naughty Dog really should be commended for their efforts.

I truly recommend The Last of Us to anybody =].



Seriously? I mean did you play the same game as we did? Did you get a defunked disc or something? I wouldn't even be here or have heard about this website if it was not for your 6/10 Metacritic score of TLOU. I guess that's one way to get attention eh? It's nearly one year since the games release and it's easily the best PS3 game of the entire generation. I'd even say the best game of the entire console generation be that on Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U. Either way anyone who is for some reason coming here wondering if they should pick up the PS3 or the upcoming PS4 copy of TLOU I'd say ignore this review and listen to every single other review that's out there instead.


Too bad the Last of Us has better, more balanced gameplay than the majority of games this generation. So sick and tired of hearing from people (who have never played the game) that TLOU is just a movie.


Polygon fucking sucks. They base some of their reviews on stupid fucking things.


Personally, I enjoyed the gameplay. I'm no critic, but I was not bored for one second. I enjoyed the fact that the supplies were limited and that you were only as good as your weapons. It seemed interesting throughout and the story was phenomenal. The gameplay and the cut-scenes were equally amazing to me.


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