The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else


Ah, the good old days.


Why are these pages stuck together?


Please keep posting feedback about the game, it’s great to hear. There are a couple more sections coming up that I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. For whatever reason the Bloater section I didn’t have much trouble with.


I didn’t have too mcuh trouble. I thought I might, but if it’s one thing MMOs have taught me it’s how to kite.


Thanks for posting that movie compilation. The intro is just really hard to watch. Will be playing through it all again at some point.


So, a question: I’m in the hotel in Pittsburgh. I just finished the part where I turned on the generator and used the key card. I didn’t get the shiv upgrade earlier in the level. Can I go back and get it? If not, how do I restart the chapter?


Update on my progress.

Into the sewers in the Suburbs. Got through the hellacious bridge fight. At first the difficulty of the game upset me, but I’m treating each fight now as more of a mini-boss. If it was this hard, with say an Uncharted-level of trash mobs I’d have quit by now.

Really enjoying Henry and Sam, also.


Henry & Sam remind you that there are other good people out there still trying to make it work. Man, what a great game. So tempted to play through yet again right now but I have way too much in the backlog!


Hey man, any updates for us?


Assuming a clicker got him. What an ugly way to go.


I haven’t played since Sunday. I got up to Wyoming. He just met his brother and I am fighting off the bandit invasion.


Now that grad school is done for the summer, I am picking this up.

I am just about to the Science Building. I feel right now the game is in a bit of an end-game slog. I liked the interaction with his brother. It feels like right now we are in some padding towards the end. It’s also a little jarring the transition from Pittsburgh to Wyoming.

I loved I could stealth through a bloater in the school on the way to getting the first generator working.

I’m not sure how far through the game I am, but it feels like 80%.


Sounds about right, in terms of how close you are. Probably another 90 minutes would do it? It’s been awhile (in fact, I should play it again as I got a free copy with my PS4 Pro and I bet it looks great on my new TV…)

Make sure you check out the DLC - the prequel one. It’s short but just fantastic storytelling.


yeah, I was thinking two more hours. Depends on if there is a final boss fight, and how bad it is.


ok, I finished it last night. I’ll throw some stuff in the spoiler tag

Overall Impressions: I would give the game 8/10. The early part was good, the middle part from about Pittsburgh to Wyoming was kinda meh, with the exception of the Henry and Sam bits. I got the feeling that they had a lot of filler, and took a bunch of stuff out at the same time. The time transition from Pittsburgh to Wyoming felt too jarring. It felt like they cut out extra stuff, but it also felt like some of the scenes were a little too long.

Man, though, the Joel/Ellie character arc was one of the best I’ve ever seen in a game.

The spoiler stuff:

[spoiler]So, I don’t know if this was intentional, but the Henry and Sam bit did a great job of setting up that there are good people in the world still. This did a great job of setting up David, who comes across as sympathetic character.
I also liked that it showed the massacre that Joel and Ellie took had meaning other than “here are a buncha mooks”

I did not like the David boss fight. I don’t get why game designers feel the need to throw some weird-ass mechanic into a boss fight. I don’t know if it’s just them going “oh, yeah, we need a boss fight.” I had the same reaction to one of the last fights in Tomb Raider. If i hadn’t watched a walkthrough of how to complete it, I would probably still be there.

From the Henry and Sam bits to the hospital, I was in the kinda “eh” stage of the game. The bits with his brother were ok, but didn’t do much for me.

That all changed when Joel fell off the building in University. Holy shit did the game pick up. I loved playing as Ellie and the little sneaky bits where fun. I was intending on finding a good stopping point for the night, but decided instead to just power through.

Man, the hospital scene was some powerful shit.

I’m curious if the sequel is about Ellie’s reaction to Joel lying to her. They have said the first game was about the love between the two, and the sequel about the hate.



Personally, I loved the abrupt transitions between the seasons and found the summer/fall one particularly effective. I wish more games would make use of jump cuts in telling stories.

And now I really want to fire up this game again. I haven’t played it since the DLC first released.


yeah, I think it was just the time warp. “Hey, you’re in Pittsburgh!” “Hey, you’re in western Wyoming!” I feel some sort of a “time passes” cinematic or something would be nice.

The other transitions were fine. The scale of movement was smaller and it makes sense why they hunkered down.


Finished the DLC. Wow, that was good.


I got a PS4 over the summer and as a promotion it came with The Last of Us Remastered. Had some new games to play, so I kinda let it sit on the back burner for a while. Finally got to it, and whoa. That was an intense experience. Started playing last week and and just finished it this afternoon.

I can understand some of the complaints about the gameplay not being great, but it more than worked enough for me. Like all games, pacing through the middle was a bit of a slog, but I didn’t hate that. Parts of it really felt like it took endurance. If the game had been shorter and easier (played through on hard, at some point looking forward to playing through on the next level up) I don’t know if I would have got as much out of it.

The ending was rough. I actually teared up a little bit, and I can’t think of many times that’s happened in a game.


TLoU was one of the few games I enjoyed digging through drawers searching for that one useful thing. It really captured scavenging for me. The story and relationships drew me in and got me invested emotionally for sure.