The Last of Us has real heart, but not much else


Yeah, the amount of times I was digging through drawers 20ft from a clicker, just praying to find a scissor to make a shiv with… And so many rooms that were fully fleshed out, but did not even have any tools. Naughty Dog truly spent a lot of effort in crafting each and every environment.

The game definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was a hell of an experience. Patiently waiting for part 2.


Be sure to play the prologue also, if you haven’t already.


New trailer for the sequel:


This really should go in its own thread, not here. I’m not trying to be a thread cop, just thinking about the story. The existence of a sequel is a little bit of a spoiler to future hypothetical someone who is reading the thread. Of course, that future hypothetical someone would likely already know that from outside sources too, so I guess it doesn’t matter.


I love this game. Maybe the thing to get me to get a PS4. That and Horizon Zero Dawn.


I’m not thrilled that there is a sequel. I thought the first one ended perfectly. I thought it was the best game of the last generation and really elevated the form as an art. It wasn’t perfect and it was a little tedious in the middle but I think that was by design. Anyway I’m sure I will play the sequel, I just don’t think one is necessary.


At some point, i need to play through the first one. And, there’s even DLC for it. Probably won’t get to that. I think if i had to choose between more TLoS and more Uncharted, i’d have to go with more Uncharted, TLoS is intense enough as it is.


You should play through the first TLoS, and you should then check out the DLC. It’s very good, not just from a story perspective, but from a gameplay perspective. The main game’s gameplay is linear, and it works well for what the game is, but the DLC makes the gameplay more of a sandbox, and it’s really neat, and if you got through the main game, I think you’ll really dig it.

Don’t worry about the time commitment, this is one of those rare games where the time commitment is totally worth it.


I agree. Most games I’ve forgotten the plot points a few weeks after finishing it. This one I remember almost all of it.


Also worth noting it’s not really a big time commitment - this isn’t some sort of open world RPG here, it’s like 12-14 hours, with DLC, for most people.


TLoU is a generationally-good game, and everyone should play it.


I’ve played it twice now, and I’m going through it a third time since they gave us the HDR/PS4 Pro patch. So freaking awesome.


I finally got around to playing this last week (tried it last year, got stuck somewhere early and put it away for the Witcher 3). Now I restarted and absolutely loved it! Played and finished the whole game including the DLC in no time and was very impressed with the ending (of both). I have to admit I’m also hesitant as far as the sequel is concerned: I don’t think it needs a sequel, storywise. But if it is anywhere near as good as part 1, I will definitely play it!