The Last of Us - Naughty Dog's Next

I do not think PS5 is running ultra preset, probably.
But yeah, relative to PS5 hardware the game is no doubt heavier on PC.
I have 5800X3D and 3080Ti.

The game looks great even with DLSS on performance though. So far I played two hours and no issues - no crashes, no bugs, framerate 60.

But that’s enough for me, since I am in the middle of RE4.

I will replay TLOU when Part 2 comes out on PC too and I can play them back to back.

DLSS performance is actually internally rendering at a whopping 1080p. Your 3080ti should do better than that, unless ultra is super aggressive or something.

Yes I know what it is rendering at. It is even written in the menu :)
I am playing on 1080p plasma so the combination of 1080p native render plus DLSS upscale to 4K and downscale to 1080p via DSR still results in clean, sharp and stable picture.

Yeah, pretty nice that it’s included. It certainly does take a bit for the initial shader build.

Recorded some gameplay with framerate visible and unlocked vsync to show how exactly the game performs (although few frames less due to shadowplay):

I feel bad for Naughty Dog, in my experience the port is good, only really the initial shader compilation is strange (too long and extremely CPU temperature heavy).

But if other people are having some big issues caused by the game then hopefully ND will manage to resolve them.

Overall perception of the port is abjectly negative now. It’s widely seen as a crappy job.

Yes, and that sucks. They put shit ton of work into it. The amount of graphical options alone shames most PC only games.

None of that matters when it performs poorly, shrug. One guy said it takes an entire hour to compile the shaders on a steam deck, and that’s half of your refund window gone right there.

If true, that’s insane.

Well I wouldn’t say it performs poorly - once the shader compilation is done.

But yeah the shader compilation is problematic and shouldn’t be anywhere near as long as it is.

Horizon Zero Dawn stumbled out of the gate as a PC port, but it ended up as my personal GoTY. TLoU is an established property, and I’m certain it’ll have long legs, especially on the heels of the adapted series, as they shake the bugs out.

I’m stoked to finally play the game; I only briefly dabbled with it on consoles. It looks and plays great, but w/ a 4090 my experience is not typical.

Yeah, I’d be shocked if ND shoved this out the door and then didn’t go through multiple patches to sort out performance issues.

HZD did that long shader compile at the beginning too but patched it out later to load in the background

The worst thing about games that do the compiling shaders bit is every time they publish an update, you get to do it again.

Friends don’t let friends Day One.

Wild, but if it ever gets Verified (which it probably will), the shaders should come precompiled.

Yeah that will help a great deal. Major bonus of the device.

You don’t want no 8GB card :/

Having said that, I think this might be the first Hardware Unboxed review where they’re not using DLSS/FSR/XeSS. Because people were mean to them.

Having said that, my 8GB 3070 is just fine at medium settings, where it looks good. It did crash at High in the intro cutscene… need to try that again.

Bumping up some settings with low VRAM requirements got me another crash…