-= the last resort =- ( omfg! )

All I can say is … .holy shit! … I hope some of these kids get out of here when they’re 18 and start suing their parents, the sick fucks!


Yeah, we had a long thread about this earlier, in Politics and Religion, I believe.

Ahh damn… I had this odd feeling that it would have already been here, bu the voice in my head said it hadn’t… stupid voices.

I would murder my parents if they sent me there. No question about it. I’d tie them down and make them wallow in eachother’s blood til they finally expired. I would gouge out their eyes and cut out their tounges. And still they would not have suffered enough.

And let’s not even get into the horrible fate the employees of that place would suffer.

It would make the Bride’s wedding look like a children’s show.

Does anybody else, though, find that entire thing dubious? I’ve never trusted the guardian, and I find it hard to believe such a place really exists. Has anyone seen any confirmation elsewhere, or are we getting all worked up over the equivilant of a Weekly World News article?


Should i ever become rich while this is still in operation, a bloodbath would be in order.

Yeah, or atleast the way the article was written it comes off as fake, especially the part with the father.

It’s not fake; the US media occasionally runs articles on the places.

The place exists. There is no question that it exists. The same company runs many other similar facilities, and they’ve been covered in a variety of different publications. There are support groups for both the parents and the survivors. Several of them have been shut down for the abuses children endured while in the program. It is not a hoax, as much as it would be nice to believe so.

Why bother becoming rich? All that’s needed is enough money to purchase some commando gear and plane tickets. Maybe the fame and richness can come after we kill the parents of the rich kids who were sent there and they thank us with oodles and oodles of blood money.

Mmmm…blood money.

Seriously though, this is some fucked up shit. And I thought parents who forced their left-handed kids to be righties, or ones that sent their homosexual teens to “re-orientation” camps were deserving of a bullet to the head.

These parents don’t warrant such a kind, gentle death.