The Last Ship


About time. They consistently had all the advantages. Half a dozen guys with a height advantage and cover would take on a couple of humans below them with no cover, and they still died without hitting anyone except the explosives red shirt. Who only caught one because the script dictated that he redeem himself by dying historically. After rocking it, of course.


I do remember saying to a roommate that this was pretty much Call of Duty last night.

— Alan


I liked that Tex was all upset the doctor didn’t kiss him. :D


So watched the finale of this last night. Nice little switcheroo there with the government folks versus the city cops. Soylent power is people, it’s peeeeeople!!!

So many burning questions remain: What will happen to the XO and all the ship’s crewmembers who were held hostage by one dude with a 10-shot clip? Will Tex come back and rescue the doc? Will the Captain get his family to the safety of the ship? Where is the dog? Will the Master Chief survive? Why couldn’t anyone hit anyone else when they were standing in a circle 10 feet from one another? Did they kill off the captain’s wife so that it would open the door to a romantic triangle between him, Tex and the doc? If so, who will the captain choose, Tex or the doc? ;-)

I’m hoping this show comes back in 2015. It was ridiculously over-the-top at times and made little sense at others, but it was interesting and the story had progressed to a point where there are a lot of ways they could handle things, so I’m curious to see what happens.


This is the greatest mystery of the season. Did the dog even show up before?

I’m with you though, now that the TV science of getting a vaccine is over with it actually has potential. This latest villain gives me hope, she’s definitely still of the mustache-twirling variety but I think they pulled it off a lot better. The unbelievably abysmal marksmanship is by now a well-established fact of the Last Shipaverse. If people suddenly started hitting each other at this point I think I might actually be disappointed.


I’ll take the Doc, and Tex and the Commander can have each other. :p

I also hope this returns at least for 1 more season.


It’s been picked up for another season with an order of 13 episodes this time.


Finished up the series tonight.

Yeah that was hilariousness! I was definitely thinking what just happened!?! But then I figured it out before it was revealed.

I really liked it. I thought it gave good solid action with only a relatively modest amount of stuff that left me thinking “you got to be kidding”.

As ARogan says, it has been renewed, and in fact it was doing so well, TNT announced the renewal back in mid-July after just the 4th Episode. TNT claims that the show finished 1st overall with Adults 25-54 and 3rd overall with all viewers.

Assuming they don’t blow it, we should definitely be getting a few more seasons of it.


The dog was in both the first and second episodes. He (she?) takes down one of the Russians in the snow. He accompanies the Seals when they’re ashore at Gitmo.


You’re right! I have a bad memory for that kind of thing.


The dog originally belonged to the Seal Team guy who killed himself on the Italian cruise ship after accidentally exposing himself to the virus. They did nothing with the dog after that other than show the main Seal Team guy taking care of it once or twice. Then finally, in the season finale, Tex is shown talking to the dog briefly. I guess they wanted us to know the crew hadn’t chowed down on German Shepherd pie at some point when supplies were running low…

I wonder if his contract will be renewed for Season Two?


Wow, I totally didn’t pick up on that. Nice Slainte!

I hope so, one can never have to many dogs on TV as long as they fit in thematically with the show :-)


I couldnt help but think I feel bad for Sam Spruell (Quincy). Everyone else can negoitate their pay now that the series got renewed, but poor Sam’s just got to bow humbly and hope he isnt just cut from the cast.

Afterall, Either Tex and the Captain could be Quincy’s widows love interest (who ever loses winning the heart of the good doctor), and this could easily generate a secondary story line that could last at least a half dozen episodes.

I vote for Tex, he’s a good heart, and a family man in waiting. While the Captain already has a gaggle of kids, and besides Tex trying to adjust to install wife and kid role as a life long Merc (albiet with a good heart) seems on the surface more compelling story wise…


Wow, I did not pick up those implications at all! Clearly I’m not thinking ahead. I just don’t know if I see a good dynamic between the doctor and the captain at least not in terms of romance. Also he’s going to have his kids floating around, and the doctor does not seem to be kid friendly at all. In addition I think the kids would resent the Captain if he turned around immediately and started going after the doctor – maybe in Season 3. It would also seem a bit underhanded for the captain to start actively pursuing the doctor given that he just chewed out two of his officers for dating. Technically the doctor is not under his command, but the concerns he had with Lt Green and Lt Foster dating hold just as much for the captain and the doctor. If the two dated, it would influence the captain’s decisions and could put the ship at risk. The doctor seems pretty clueless on these matters (or at least not particularly driven on them) so I can’t really see her doing the initiating.

I think Tex and Quincy’s widow Kelly might make a reasonable match. Tex seems like a fun, good guy, which is probably what Kelly needs right now, plus as you mention it seems like he would be good with kids. Also they could let that turn into a bit of a triangle with the doctor suddenly discovering maybe she had feeling for Tex and realizing that maybe she had blown it.


Don’t forget that Tex has a little girl of his own out there someplace. While I could see him hanging around long enough to rescue the doctor from the government folks, now that they’ve put it out there that he has a family member to find, they won’t just let him abandon that search. I could see a whole side-plot that advances a little each episode where Tex is out in the bad new world kicking ass and looking for his daughter.

If so, he should take the dog with him. That would be awesome.


I forgot about that. They could spin it off and he could have his own show :-)


I would watch a show about Tex and the Dog. :-)


How the heck did this get a second season?

Oh well, something we can now enjoy just for post show discussion on how ludicrous everything is, now that GoT is done for the year.


I will watch later today, I assume its not as [I]good [/I]as last season? :p


So this returned and picked up pretty much right where it left off. Decent return with plenty of action (and bullets actually hit people this time, albeit “bad guys” only) and setting up a resistance plotline. Tex is back inside, probably looking to rescue the doc. The dog’s contract would seem to have not been renewed, as no sign of him in the premiere. So much for the Adventures of Tex & Rex.