The Last Ship


I didn’t realize this was back on. I’ll try to catch the episode in the next day or two. It definitely benefits from the lack of alternatives. Too bad the dog didn’t return.


I enjoyed the first 2 episodes so far, I didn’t expect both faction leaders to die so soon.

Lets hope Tex and the Doc get together finally. :)


I have to admit, I’ve been really enjoying this season. Setting up the sub as an enemy is already a lot more interesting than the evil Russian’s big ship.

Also, the dog is back!


The 2nd season ended pretty well overall, loved the destroyer and submarine combat this season. And that cliffhanger ending! Dr Scott!!! :O

This was renewed for a 3rd season, yay!


Agreed. I liked that the season finale could have served easily as a solid series finale (minus the very last scene) had they been told there would be no renewal. That said, I am glad it’s coming back.

I wonder if season three will start off several months after the final episode of season two, so that the Nathan James is repaired and back in service, or if they will just pick right up where they left off in the hallway of the hotel? Kinda disappointed that they played the love angle between the doc and the captain, I’m just not buying it, especially when Tex is such an obvious better choice. Maybe in season three the dog will finally get some screen time! =)


Tex and the Doc, it has to be so!

Also for at least 2 or 3 episodes after they kidnapped the president, I totally felt he was going to go all double evil agent. Glad that didn’t happen.


My wife laughed at my response when we were watching the show. Which was “No, no. The captain is totally c**k blocking tex, not cool!”

That was seriously from thin air with the captain suddenly expressing interest and doing that serious flirting thing. I was thinking geez, he’s already got a honey on the side, the widow watching his kids…give someone else a turn cap!


I was quite satisfied with this season, I fine bit of summer fluff. I much preferred this season with a pretty good sub vs destroyers dual.

My friend doesn’t like the series because, so many basic military protocols aren’t followed.
Specifically the Capt and the XO always going on the close combat Seal team missions. I said just think of it as Star Trek were Kirk or Spock are always beaming down with the infamous red shirts.


So season 3… and they killed off 2 of the most attractive women on the show! And now there are 2 new attractive women on the show!

Also I can fully understand why they postponed the episodes , due to the shooting scenes in the night club.

Overall a good start to the season!


Two of my favorite characters from last season have simply disappeared from the show with no explanation.

First, Tex. Sure, with the doc gone there is little reason for him to stick around, and they did show him setting off to find his daughter at the end of last season, but I expected we’d follow that storyline to it’s conclusion this season. Nope, it’s like he walked away and fell off the planet. Nobody even mentions him in passing this season. The Australian SF guy (who is pretty awesome) seems to have replaced his function character-wise.

Second, the dog. Granted, the dog had only cameo appearances in a few episodes last season, and it really doesn’t make sense to have him aboard ship given this season’s plotlines, but again, just gone. I’m going to write a story in my own head where Tex took the dog with him and they wander the wasteland of the central U.S. rescuing people from bandits and righting wrongs like some kind of U.S. version of Mad Max. That might even make for better TV than the actual show…

I do think they’ve done a decent job with moving the focus of the show from finding/protecting/distributing the cure to this season being the caretakers and peacekeepers of the new world order. Obviously there is enough infrastructure left in the U.S. to make cure distribution and societal cleanup/rebuilding a task for others to handle, so our gang gets to be international heroes and peacekeepers. Of course China is cast as the villain, they are the only “boogeyman” left with resources to threaten the U.S… It would have been cool to spend some time touching on rebuilding efforts worldwide, but I suppose that’s just not action enough for this show, which is understandable. Still a nice guilty pleasure of a show with several actors I like in the cast.


Overall a very fun season to watch. And this was renewed for Season 4. :)

Sad about Tex. :(


Agreed! I wasn’t sure where they could go with the story at the start of the season, but the writers managed to pull off a pretty decent plotline with plenty of action and suspense all season long. We really enjoyed Season 3, and were also sad at the losses this season.

I didn’t see that it was renewed. That’s good news, but as unsure as I was about where they could go with the plot this season, I’m doubly unsure about another season. I mean, they cleaned everything up pretty good at the end of this one, it was strong enough to stand as a series finale if need be.


This show after a shaky 1st season, I thought was pretty good the last two seasons. Decent enough plot and lots of action.

Season 4 starts in June next year, definitely my favorite summer TV series.


Wow, if not for stumbling onto this thread I might not have realized this series was continued after the first season, and I kinda liked the first season. If the others are improved then fantastic, I have something to fill the gaps left by Hell on Wheels (series finished) and Silicon Valley (need MOOORE!) and allow me even more time before I need to start watching Game of Thrones (I am determined not to start watching until it is finished, then I just might vanish for a few months)


This is back on in JUNE, also I read it was renewed for a 5th season also, they are filming it at the same time as season 4 to save money. AND!!! Peter Weller is joining the cast.


The 4th season starts tonight, with a 2 hour premier.


Sweet! Even without Rhona Mitra, this remains one of my favourite shows. I keep expecting it to be terrible, and it continues to defy that expectation.


I feel the same way. Unfortunately, this season is starting off pretty terrible. The storyline with the former captain in particular is just ridiculous and completely needless. The blight, the seed bank theft, the factions, those are all pure Last Ship, but Captain James Bond is just silly.


Yeah I am not caring for him being in Greece at all. All the stuff on the boat is top notch!


Agreed. The Captain turned UFC champ was a more ridiculous than the seed blight.

Funny, I didn’t realize that Micheal Bay was the producer of the show until this season. Honestly, he is a pretty good action director, which saves the show from mediocre writing.

It is my guilty pleasure show.