The Last Ship


I thought for sure they were killing off Adam Baldwin this episode with all the “go to the light” sequences…but I guess not. It does clear a path for the old captain to take back over for awhile though since Baldwin will be out of commission (or so you would expect).

I loved in this episode how whenever the Nathan James needed to fire a missile or it’s guns there was a long sequence of people issuing commands and complex targeting and firing actions…but on the Greek warship apparently the captain has a Commodore 64 and a Thrustmaster Pro connected directly to his captain’s chair so he can just fire stuff himself, no need for any crew members or fancy equipment.

Also, is it just me, or does Peter Weller appear to be talking to a son that nobody else can see/hear in a couple of this week’s scenes?


Yes! I am wondering if RoboCop actually has the 2nd son, or is he imaginary.

Glad they are all back on the boat, love me some boat action.


So the Nathan James now has THREE Captains, that should end well. I also like how apparently England has suddenly decided to turn on the United States, because that’s gone so well for every other country that’s tried it thus far in the apocalypse. Their agent even admitted they have little military presence left at all at this point, so what a brilliant idea to steal the seeds and antagonize one of the few remaining military powers.

This season has not been as entertaining as the previous ones thus far. The crop blight story could have been a decent backdrop for some interesting storytelling, instead it’s devolved into some kind of weird narrative about the cumulative effects of the apocalypse on the mental health of the crew of the Nathan James. I’m not loving it.


Think of it as the tri-force of captains. :)

I cannot see how the British spy is gonna get the seeds and the other British spy off the James.

Also damn you Britain and your backstabbery!


Eh this season seem to have way too much filler each episode, the entire catch the brother at the house party and steal the data episode was too long for very little story progress. Peter Weller has been a bit of a let down this season.

New episode on in like 20 min.


I’m dangerously close to condemning this season as being Terrible. Peter Weller’s plotline sucks. His motivations are stupid, the fact that everyone knows he’s doing hallucinogens and yet they cater to his every whim is stupid, and the whole idea of the aggression drug is stupid.

On top of all that stupid, there has been literally ZERO character drama or growth in any of the cast this season. It’s almost comical how easily they take down any challenge they face. The one new character that was interesting to watch is the one they decide to give conflicting motivations to and then kill off.

Someone on the writing team for this show needs to be let go if it gets renewed for another season, which at this point I’m thinking is highly unlikely. The Last Ship went from very well-produced guilty pleasure to ridiculous garbage in record time.


Seasons 4 and 5 were filmed back to back, so we are definitely getting a season 5. :p


Fantastic. I can only hope someone wised up and changed up the writing room between scripting the two seasons.


2 hour season finale tonight, lets see what happens…


Well…that happened.

Much of the season’s mediocrity makes sense now as they appear to have saved most of the budget money for the 2 episode finale so we could have lots of super cool ship to ship combat scenes. Funny how whenever they flip to that it always looks like they screen-capped a sequence right out of a video game. I like how when they used the zodiac dragging the explosive charge to destroy the first ship, they clearly show the charge hitting the bow of the ship, then the next view shows the middle of the ship exploding in a huge fireball and apparently everyone on board just dies instantly as there are zero survivors abandoning ship in the following scene.

At least Peter Weller and all his kids are now dead, hopefully, so that stupid storyline can be put to rest. The little trailer they showed for next summer’s return seemed much more promising.


Yeah this was a very lackluster season. I didnt realize I was 3 episodes behind. So how do you cast Peter Weller and then waste him the entire season. :(

I saw that 1st ship exploding from the dragged explosive charge, and then where it hit, and where it exploded. I was in shock at how they were totally off. Someone said good enough and called it a day apparently. :p

This show needs to stay in the summer window of viewing, there is too much good stuff on now. Its like a fine summer cheese. :p


Oh hey, I missed the season 5 sneak peek they put out months ago:


Season 5 new cast member? ;)

Still no ETA for season 5 other than SUMMER.


And season 5 will be The Final Season.


I figured as much. Season 4 was pretty terrible, and it’s clear they are running out of story ideas, especially with both the original virus that plagued humanity cured and now the secondary threat to the world food supply also eliminated. Looks like Season Five will feature a Pearl Harbor style sneak attack. It’s hard to imagine any country in the world would still have the wherewithal to take such actions after everything the world has suffered thus far on Last Ship.

I enjoy the series for what it is, but I’m also not terribly sad to see it go.