The Last Shitshow, or the second Trump-Biden 'debate'

Not sure if I’m going to watch, or just follow on twitter. Word is that DJT is going to bring the entire Hunter Biden shitwagon to dump on Sleepy Joe. One of the first debate questions should be “Sir (to get his attention), given that you are focused on Hunter Biden’s possible corruption and conflict of interest, what would you say to those who would say the same for your own children, particularly when it comes to China?”.

The judges would also have accepted “The Last Shit-sure Show” for the Title of this thread.

I’ll be going about my usual routine of following the debate via Qt3 shitposts and my wife yelling obscenities at the TV in the other room. I’ll catch the particularly crazy highlights later.

I am so in for this and kibitzing with y’all. Walk in confidence Joe ‘cause Teflon Don is going to set himself on fire tonight.

You should edit the thread title to “Trump-Biden” instead so that in the future when people search for Trump it’ll show up for them.

Done, thanks.

I will be reading qt3 AND imagining that I can hear @KevinC’s spouse’s shouted curses. And maybe watching.

Probably will just follow along with the fine folks here.

Please do, DJT.

I would like to request transcription of any particularly vitriolic or creative obscenities to this thread, because I don’t hate my liver enough to watch the shitshow myself.

Ooooo, how exciting this is going to be!

If history (the last debate) is my guide, I will feel it is my patriotic duty to watch. However, within 5 minutes I’ll turn it off in disgust and follow along here on QT3. A short while later, while reading salacious details in this very forum, I will likely return to the debate thinking, “It really wasn’t that bad, was it?” before quickly deciding that yes, it was that bad.

I salute those of you who can listen to the lies from this moran of a president with dimensia, and appreciate your sacrifice and loss of brain cells that will shrivel and die as you report back to this august group. If it’s anything like last time I expect to hear Mrs. C screaming all the way from Utah.

I don’t love this. But then, I don’t think Biden should do this shitshow at all.

Also curious to see what will happen if DJT’s entourage tries to not wear masks. They got away with it last time, but does anyone know if the debate commission strengthened their rules regarding mask wearing?

I never heard which way or the other on whether the mask rule at the first debate was a requirement of the Case Western campus where the debate was held, or whether that was a rule of the debate committee.

I keep hearing plexiglass does nothing anyway.

I am watching tonight. I don’t know why. Last one just left me disgusted and saddened.

Politics ain’t for the fair if heart, especially if you get into the arena.

Ugh, it’s not for another hour? Once again, I got the time wrong. Well, at least I’m early this time.


Are you going to last more than 5 minutes for this one? ;-)