The latest from Hersh

SEYMOUR HERSH: Murtha is one of those oldies, in his 70s now. He’s somebody like me, I always try to get to. I can talk to some of his aides. He’s on the Defense – he’s one of the leading players on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. He’s a very conservative military guy, who controls the budget, not only the budget we know about, but the black budget, the covert budget. He’s one of those people trusted. Jerry Lewis in the Congress is another one, a House member. In the Senate, it would be Senator Inouye of Hawaii and Senator Ted Stevens, both in their 80s, of Alaska. They run the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. These are the guys that the generals talk to. And Murtha is one, in particular. He’s known for his closeness to the four-stars. They come and they bleed on him.

And so, for Murtha to suddenly say it’s over, as he did three weeks ago or two weeks ago, as I wrote in this article, it drove the White House crazy. They were beyond mad, as somebody said to me, because they know that the generals are talking to him. So here you have a case where we don’t have – you know, the generals are terrified pretty much, as they always are. That’s just the nature of the game. But they don’t speak truth to power. They’re not telling the American people exactly what’s going on, and they’re clearly not telling the White House, because the White House doesn’t want to hear.

So Murtha’s message is a message, really, from a – you can consider it a message from a lot of generals on active duty today. This is what they think, at least a significant percentage of them, I assure you. This is, I’m not over-dramatizing this. It’s a shot across the bow. They don’t think it’s doable. You can’t tell that to this President. He doesn’t want to hear it. But you can say it to Murtha, you can say it to Inouye, you can say it to Stevens.

Also, apparently the insurgency is ready to blow up the Green Zone, we have loose cannon CIA abduct & torture squads running around with no oversight, and some more awful CIA prison stuff is about to come out.

Richard Clarke on Charlie Rose said flat out that the CIA leaked the prison story on purpose because they’re sick of their agecy being turned into the Central Internment authority. They just don’t like the job of managing prisoners and it’s not providing any useful intel anyway. There’s no more intel value in someone whose been in prison for a few months.

Does the “insurgency ready to blow up the green zone” have a specific reference, or were you just generally referring to the increasing attacks?


Hersh in the article:

If you remember, this summer, General Casey, alas, said that the Iraqi – the insurgency is defeated now; they’re only hitting soft targets, that is, civilians. And the next thing you know, we have a hundred deaths of American soldiers in a month. I mean, that’s clearly not true. They clearly can do what they want. My own guess is, and I’m told this by my friends on the inside, there’s tremendous intelligence. And the Israelis, among other people, are warning us that this wonderful Green Zone that we think is such an oasis could be hit any time. They’re clearly able to penetrate into that. And so, it’s all up for grabs. Why not talk to them? Now, it’s probably too late. I don’t know what we can do to salvage the situation.